Friday, December 31, 2010

Work for Spring Begins

Happy New Year! 

I hope this New Year brings you and your lovies much happiness, health, and prosperity.

The holiday season was a busy one for Dreamkeeper Creations (the link will come up in a new tab along the top of your browser window, as will the others below), both socially and work-wise. I finished several special orders, as well as some gifts.

Here is an example of the new style of earrings I'll have available in my Etsy shop soon. Are they glorious or what? I love them because they have a lot of charm and they're a bit fun and whimsical.

New Style of Earrings with Silver Chain Links and Dangle Beads

These were made for Christmas orders, but the style is quite popular, so I'll be making some more very soon. They generally run about $16 unless they include handmade beads or special materials.

Gorgeous Red Glass and Sterling Silver
Earrings Made with Lampwork Beads from Jodi Price
The focal beads on the earrings above are made one at a time by Jodi, which takes quite some time and talent (see how to make them), so a pair that includes this type of bead would be priced in my shop at $45.

Sky Blue Glass and Sterling Silver
Natural Shell Rounds with Sterling Silver and Banded Onyx Dangles

With the dangle earrings, each set of tails has either 5, 7, and 9 sterling links, or for shorter ones, 3, 5, and 7 links. Years ago I enjoyed the study of numbers and their significance (see numerology), especially as expressed in Native American teachings.

I've gleaned the significance of numbers as expressed in Native American culture over the past 35 years by reading books that were written by Native American authors. They don't present this information in any kind of "organized" way as in a chart or the results of a study, but as one becomes familiar with their teachings, it becomes clear that the significance of numbers is associated with sacred spiritual beliefs and practices. I incorporate these beautiful concepts in most of my work, so subconsciously, they  ride along whether the wearer knows it or not, giving good energy and vibrations to the pieces.

For example, Jamie Sams, in Sacred Path Cards, describes cultural beliefs around how prayers are begun by inviting the nine powerful energies of All Our Relations, including "the Creature Beings [animals, fish, insects], the Stone People, the Standing People [trees and plants], and Sky Nation [birds], the Earth Mother [our living home planet], [and] the four Chief Spirits of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water" (Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams, 1990, HarperSanFrancisco) I find it interesting how closely many of these teachings align with those ancient ones of Celtic origin. 

As you can see in my studio, I have lots of goodies in the works for you for the New Year! Some pieces will be available at the World Campus Student Scholarship Fund Event this coming March - so the main focus for right now is to prepare for that event.

Set up and ready to work, yay!
What will they become?
I'm working hard to make both low and higher ticket items available. For the lower priced ones, I'm making Wine Glass Markers. Ever been to a party and put your glass down, then wondered which one's yours? With these, your guests will be able to tell right away. The markers that I make are much better quality and way more fun than most that you see on the general market. Some of them include gemstones, and they're made so that each dangle-tail has a very secure attachment. They last for years, as anyone who's had wine or water or tea or anything else in a footed glass at my house knows, but they don't go into the dishwasher. 

When I go to bed, I always bring a glass of water to put on the bedside table, and my favorite one wears this little marker. It's not that I'm expecting anyone to be grabbing my glass in the night, it's that dressing the glasses is just too fun! The little sterling silver charm is a rabbit, which represents trust. That is one of the more active qualities that have been a focus in my life, so I like to be reminded of it.

Here is a photo of the Wine Glass Markers I'm making that will be available at the World Campus Student Scholarship Fund Event. They'll be priced between $6 and $8 dollars each, with a discount for sets at about 4 for $20. I wish I could sell them for less, but they take a while to make as there's a bit of work in the design of the way they fasten. The twirling part is crimped, which provides the loop for the dangles, and the tops of the dangles are all twisted securely. The tails are made with sterling silver head pins. I'm still debating on whether to add sterling charms, let me know if you're interested. Those would run about $5 - $10 more for each one, due to the price of the charms themselves. They are darling, aren't they?

Wine Glass Marker
The Other Tail on the Wine Glass Marker
More Wine Glass Markers
Too fun huh?! Which one will you pick for your glass?
Waiting to be chosen. Do you hear the beads saying "Pick me, pick me!"
Future plans include a vendor table at the Autoport on Ladies Nights, beginning in about April of this year if I can get enough work done without having myself cloned.

Stay tuned for posts on more goodies to come!