Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping Online at Dreamkeeper Creations

Rear View Mirror Jewelry
So I've made some new creations available for you - you can see them in my Etsy shop at Dreamkeeper Creations - they range from about $10.95 (unique and special items really great for gifting like the one above) to higher priced items great for collecting.

In favor of purchasing online in case it feels a bit intimidating, rest assured that if you have questions or concerns, I'll work hard to answer them and to satisfy you, just send me a note through Etsy.

In favor of the environment, I feel it's better to use delivery services right from the artist  rather than take up too much Earth space with shops, strip malls, warehouses, etc. I love the idea of cutting down on the middle men and lean towards "deliver on demand" and online purchasing.

Rear View Mirror Jewelry
I so understand the need to touch, to feel, to turn an item around in your hand and see all of its sides, feel its energy, feel the hang and weight of it. In my photos, I try to turn my treasures around so you can imagine if you were able to touch them and hold them, how they look and feel from all sides. Their energy is the one thing I can only describe, can't really impart to you online, but you may be able to get a sense of it by looking at the colors, the stones, the charms, and reading the descriptions. I work hard to make your purchases a confirming experience, so you'll feel comfortable shopping at Dreamkeeper Creations.

Goddess Pendant
I also understand that the one thing that seems to be the huge obstacle in purchasing is the affordability of the material to keep these gems close to your body - the sterling necklace chains are expensive I know, so I've bought some lace leather - the flat kind you can knot at whatever length you please, completely adjustable  (in beautiful colors too) - and this would be the way to go to begin. Check out the Supplies section of my Etsy Shop to see all the options available for what to wear these pendants on. If you want to dress up for specials then you can decide whether to invest in a sterling chain. The lengths and styles of the cords and necklace chains that I carry vary, and I find that my customers have different tastes about what works for them. So do check out my Supplies section, where you'll find lots of options ranging from really affordable everyday wear to really special evening and "make a statement" wear.

New Style Dangle Earrings
 Here's to you, celebrating life in a myriad of ways, in which I am honored to contribute!