Thursday, June 5, 2014

Erica's Special Wedding Ceremony Jewelry

I bet you can't wait for her to turn around!
A very good friend of mine, Erica Clouser, called me the other day and said "Jen, I'm in need of a special necklace and earrings for my wedding ceremony in two weeks. Any chance you could make something for me?"

"Aw, Sweetheart, sure!" I said, never one to turn down a gorgeous design challenge, especially for a friend. AAAGH, two weeks!!

Their ceremony will be at twilight, by the water at Scituate, MA, and she's wearing a short ivory dress made of dreamy layers of soft chiffon with a strapless neckline and fitted bodice. 

She described what she envisioned and sent me a few photos she'd seen, each very different but showing the colors she imagined. "I like bigger, longer earrings," she said. So the ones I designed echo the front of her necklace. They're fluffy and substantial, yet fun and elegant. A waterfall of pearls, Czech oval iridescent white beads, Swarovski crystals, and a selection of blue glass beads to add a touch of color to her outfit. I love to make this style of earring - love the way it hangs, coming to a point at the bottom with a faceted Swarovski crystal teardrop bead.

Elegant fluffies!
So you probably want to see the front of the necklace now don't you? Get a load of this! Absolutely elegant and fluffy and sexy and fun and a little bit sassy too, just like her!

The perfect length
While she was visiting me at my studio she tried on her ivory dress (BRING THE DRESS! BRING THE DRESS! I'd begged,) and we measured the length of the front and back where the necklace would hang so it would be just right - not too long, not too short, making the best of the entrancing glimpse of cleavage the dress shows off perfectly. That boy is gonna be teased all day, and she's gonna feel like a million bucks!

Special jewelry for a very special day!
Congratulations you two! Have an absolutely wonderful time on your special day. Thank you for choosing Dreamkeeper Creations to set off your beautiful dress and dance you through the twilight and into the magical wee hours of the morn!