Sunday, July 3, 2016

Communications with My Sweet Jess xo

The cover of our journal
So my new relationship with my daughter after her crossover began with a very special journal that my two best ever Earth Angel Lovies gave to me. It's a journal designed by Laurel Birch, who surmounted some major challenges while she was here on Earth, so, extra special. I probably shouldn't say it "began" then, because Jess did, and continues to do occasional electrical stuff and songs and numbers, but the relationship with my sweet Jess certainly deepened.

This special journal sat on one of the bookshelves in my studio for several months and then one night I was really missing my daughter and I pulled it out and wrote her a letter, which I will share with you. (You can click on the images to make them larger.)

First letter I wrote to Jess

I was pretty sure she could see what I had written, and feel it as I wrote it. She could feel me reaching out to love her, and express my concerns.

I wrote several entries over a period of several months, which made me feel closer to her - somewhere in my soul I knew she "heard" me, she "received" the communication.

Then one night the idea came into my mind to write a letter from her to me. Well, wasn't I pleasantly surprised - it was beautiful.

First letter from Jess
Well this made my heart feel lighter, and I loved it. I didn't know at the time that there was a name for the process we were doing, which I found out later. In the course of conversation with some people I trust absolutely, who are knowledgeable about alternative medicine, and energy work, I learned that here in this town where I live, there lives a psychic medium. Well, I thought, why not go see her? So I called and made an appointment to visit with her for an hour and see what would come about. Wow, it was so special.

For those who might be interested in a session themselves, her name is Desiree Dennis, and her whole family is wonderfully fascinating. Her grandfather is a veterinarian. Her mother is an energy worker and does a number of wonderful things. Her brother is very talented in a number of ways, and she, herself, is the most unassuming, charming, genuine individual who truly cares about her clientele. (Funny aside here - when we went into the room where she does her sessions with people there are three chairs. She sits in the middle one. Her client gets to pick which chair to sit in, either on her right, or on her left. She said it's so amusing that most of her "Penn State" clientele tends to choose the right-hand chair, and most of her "artsy, creative, spiritual" clientele tend to choose to sit on her left. Yes, I sat on the left, that's where the tissue box was : )

During our session, which was an hour long, and recorded, one of the things Desiree said was that Jess loves our letters and wants me to spend more time writing, both to her from me and from her to me. Desiree explained that there is a name for this process, and it's called "automatic writing." She also said there's a tree that's special to Jess and myself, and Jess wants me to know that if I go sit under our tree she'll come and talk with me. I happen to know this would be the peach tree by our pergola in the back yard, where we sat on the grass at sunset, and where Jess pranced through a little pathway bordered by mushrooms that had sprung up from the recent rains while she was visiting us. Yes, I've sat there, and yes, we've had wonderful conversations.

But I digress - I've spent some more time doing this "automatic writing" thing, and can say it lightens my heart and in each of Jess's letters there's at least one "zinger," which is what I call something I wouldn't normally write or even think of myself. These zingers give me insight or encouragement or turn a lightbulb on in my head and heart. They're gifts.

She guards me when she feels I've had enough to process - she says "Gotta go!" And I appreciate that.

She's talking here about the little creatures that our cat, Joey Max brings to us. I bury them in the front garden with flowers and prayers.

~Laurel Birch

Thank you Laurel Birch for being a big spirit while you were here. Thank you Desiree for your facilitation and encouragement. Thank you my sweet Jess for being accessible and sharing your adventures. 

Just LOVE. All good. 

We are working together and it is so fun. If you'd like to try "automatic writing" with someone you love who's in our true home, here are some tips:
  • Make yourself comfortable (you might not want to be interrupted)
  • Light a candle
  • Put your favorite music on or go out in beautiful Nature
  • Bring with you a beautiful journal and something to write with
  • Breathe deeply a few times and ask for the blessing of Our Creative Source (whatever you call that) and the highest source of communication
  • Then write what comes to mind without questioning or "editing" it (it's so interesting to read later). Don't think, analyze, or question, just write. That way the message comes through with more purity and not so much of "your" spin on what you're getting.
  • You might feel an urge to change your handwriting, for example, Jess prefers me to print rather than write in full cursive, just go with it.
  • After you feel you're done, say thank you and close out the session with gratitude.
Questions? Feel free to contact me at or have a session with Desiree, you'll love her. She's very down-to-earth.

Fear? None. "The only thing to fear is fear itself." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt via Louis McHenry Howe

Love? All there. 

Try it. You'll love it. And it will love you back. 

I will also add that I've captured Jess's loving spirit in photos occasionally. A beautiful soft pink orb so huge it surrounds me.

See the round pink orb shape that almost takes over the whole photo?

Here's another photo taken seconds later.
AND when I chose the pink orb photo to upload it the other (second) photo uploaded by itself without me choosing it. Hi Jess xo : ) The cool thing about the first photo is that as soon as I saw it I felt an overwhelming sense of PEACE. I just love that. 

I think this kind of communication is good and healthy, and pretty much available to us all. 

Lots of food for thought here. Shared with love.


Friday, July 1, 2016

Multicolor Abstract Gemstone Peyote Stitched Cabochon Necklace

Floofy fun!
For this abstract art necklace, I chose ruby agate, turquoise howlite, green agate, and golden tiger's eye cabochons and arranged them against a black seed bead background, dotted with occasional sparkles of colored glass beads.

Each cabochon is bordered by several rows of peyote stitching in beautiful shiny colored seed beads. 

Happy floral multicolored fringe!
I had the most fun creating the fringe on this necklace! It includes adorable glass floral beads in dark iridescent blue/purple, soft pink, and green. And I love the little round glass beads in fun colors on the edges and the sparkly yellow bead tips, as well as the cobalt blue teardrop shaped beads, which suggest the rains that come to make the flowers grow.

Here you can see the glowy cabochons and the floofy little skirt that plays around the bottom of the piece.

The back
The back of this piece is a soft maroon Ultrasuede.

The whole piece
And here you can see the whole piece, with its multicolored necklace strap.

Total Length - Hangs to about 19 inches (necklace strap is 28 inches)

Length of abstract focal piece is 5 inches 

Width of abstract focal piece is 1 and 1/8 to 1 and 3/4 inches at its widest point

Soft velveteen pouches
Comes in a soft velveteen pouch for softkeeping.

This necklace will be posted in my Etsy shop, Dreamkeeper Creations, as long as it's available.

Thanks for taking a peek!