Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cosmic Surfer Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Cosmic Surfer Bracelet
Thought you'd like an update on the Cosmic Surfer beaded bracelet. It's about halfway done, and yesterday I had a chance to pick up some lovely soft suede for the backing. This Dreamkeeper Creation will go into the Green Drake Gallery when it's finished.

Little Troll Magnet
I got a bit distracted from Cosmic Surfer bracelet this weekend because my clay was calling me. I spent some relaxing time making this crazy wild little Troll Magnet. His face is made of Sculpey clay, baked, and his eyes are tiny green seed beads. I painted his face with several soft washes of acrylic paint, gave it a coat of Dura Varnish, and popped in a tuft of Tibetan lamb's wool for hair. He chose a carved bone bead for his earring and some colorful crow beads for his hair. He's a happy little guy who twinkles at me from the fridge whenever I'm in the kitchen.
Faber Castell COLORS!

Today I'll spend a bit of time sparkling up the house and then I may not be able to resist playing with my new pastels for a while. They are an irresistible present from my husband for our anniversary. I could also say they were a present from my irresistible husband for our anniversary : )

Here are a couple of the photos I'm considering using as a reference - which one should I choose?
A gorgeous rose
A fluffy hibiscus blossom
Calendar country
Eventually I'll do them all, but I'm considering the challenges in each one. With the flowers it's the colors and the layering that will make them sing. I did a series of roses years ago and adore the shapes of the petals - though a rose is a rose, no two are alike, but they're all beautiful. With the landscape the challenge, and joy, will be in the colors that hide in the clouds and sparkle over the land. I love this land.

This is going to be fun. My first foray back into pastels in about 30 years. I've missed them so I'll be happy to be again working with those stunning pigments.

Happy Sunday, happy creating!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wedding Jewelry for Julie!

LOVE is in the air, and I've been working on some jewelry for my friend Julie, who's getting married in November. 
Bridesmaid's Necklace and earrings, only I changed the earring design later.
The biggest challenge in making this jewelry was matching the color to the gorgeous fabric Julie chose for the bridesmaids' dresses. It's called "Sangria" and I went on a quest to find the perfect color accent beads to complement the fabric.

Works in progress!
I tried a couple of different designs based on an example Julie had provided - trying out different types of sterling silver chain links between the pearls. This time it was wonderful Gordon Lightfoot who accompanied me during my work sessions. Mostly they're play sessions though, because I love working with the beads so much that it just doesn't seem much like work : )

Just waiting for the bridesmaids to put them on!
After about three days (cobbled together from weekend hours and late night hours) I had finished the necklaces and earrings. Notice I switched the earring design so that the heaviest pearls are on top, accented with sterling spacers, tapering to beautiful cream colored pearls on the bottom. This sort of shape will flatter the face when worn. It also echoes the design in the necklaces.

I made six bracelets also, and wish I'd taken a photo but after many hours I was ready to wrap them and prepare them for delivery. I hope the girls feel like princesses for a day while they're wearing them, all dressed up in their gorgeous Sangria dresses to celebrate Julie's very special day.

We're still working on the little flower girl's jewelry - she's six years old, and I'm really looking forward to it. Will add a photo when done. 

Makes my heart sing to be asked to contribute to such a special occasion. I'm sending blessings and prosperity and love to two wonderful people who've found each other (yay!) and decided to make a life together. Mike the dog whisperer, and Julie, wrapped up in the love of their families, beginning to make one of their own, which, of course, includes Carly, the cutest dog I've ever seen - 

I have never seen a dog as cute as this pup!
And Molly, Mike's pup.
Molly and Carly
Best wishes Mike and Julie!!

Mike and Julie
It's going to be a very special day, and a very special life!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to add to your joy.