Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Kiss a Princess - Sneak Peek

A Princess happenin'
Women are powerful. Fairies are powerful. And Princesses, they have the power to change a Poor Homely Frog into a Handsome Prince to run off with and live Happily Ever After.

This is the theme of my latest painting in the works, though there are some qualifications. The Fairy Princess, you see, has wings to fly wherever she wants whenever she wants to - and she is very picky about who she takes with her on her adventures.

Rabbit is a most trusted friend
She has been friends with Rabbit for a very long time. Rabbit represents trust. And before the Fairy Princess deigns to kiss the Prince she has to expand her heart enough to take the hand of Rabbit and bring him into her new circle of Love. As you can see, Rabbit may have something to say about this. The Frog Prince must gain his approval before Happily Ever After comes about.

Prince in the making, or just plain horny toad?
Poor homely little guy, he's all puckered up awaiting the Fairy Princess's kiss, and who knows how many dates he'll need to take her on 'til she comes around? He's a wealthy Frog Prince in the Making with lots to offer, as we can see by his beautiful jeweled crown. He wears a fluffy lace collar and a beautiful Louis XIV waistcoat (he's been waiting a long time for just the right Fairy Princess). He's given her a huge bouquet of wildflowers, which is a good start, and the Love he has to offer her wafts on soft forest breezes.

Will he pass muster? Only those who believe in Happy Endings know for sure.

* * *
The face of this Fairy Princess is what inspired the whole drawing - I was looking at my daughter one day as she was looking down and I saw the tilt of her nose and the angle of her chin and cheek and wanted to capture that on paper. I don't do portraits, as my mind tends to wander a bit further into Fairyland, so she became the Fairy Princess. 

The frog, sweet little guy, is inspired by a yellow polka dotted frog I came upon using my IPad to do research on what frogs look like. There are a lot of choices, just like the choices we have when we come upon Possible Princes. I like this one for the humor in his happy yellow polka dots and the absolutely smitten look in his eye. How can she resist someone so very smitten?

Check back to see the finished painting, which will be available in various formats, including my new Zazzle site, which I'm currently working on setting up.


P. S. As a professionally trained editor, I Really Enjoyed using caps on all the Important Phrases in this post. Doing my own blog posts as opposed to the academic course material of my previous professional life allows me to Break Some Rules, which is Entirely Enjoyable!