Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Does It Feel To Wear These Creations?

How does it feel to wear one of these lovely pendants?
The One That Defines Me
 Well, it feels like you have a little bit of spirit energy with you all the time. The thing is, these are tooooo fun. First you buy one, and the first purchase is a bit of a *save*, cause you want the sterling necklace chain to go with it. So you pick out a chain, and you pick out a pendant, and you're good to go (the chain will fit all of the pendants so you only need one, though you might collect more than one depending on your choices for style and length). Lots of times the first choice for your pendant is something that really means something to you, perhaps defines you in some way. The pine cone pendant above is one that I love to wear because I'm all about woods walks and have been for years, so this one is my "defining" pendant.

Oh, but after that, look out, because it's rather addictive, like candy! You get one, and you have such a good time in it, and people say, "Oh I love that necklace, where did you get it?" and it makes you feel so good, you want to spread that around and you tell them or pass along a card (thanks ever so!). But here's where the addiction starts (totally harmless, no worries). You have one pendant, but you put on an outfit and wish you had something fun in another color, so you pick up just the right color.
The One I Chose For Color
 Now here's where it gets really bad - you see one online and fall in love with it, bring it home, but this time you buy an outfit to match! (Okay you needed that lovely blouse's great for work and image is important....) I fell completely in love with the bead below, because to me it looks like a painting - of a lake with a strip of land on the horizon and the trees on the land, and the clouds above, with the setting sun throwing a beam across the water back to "me standing on the shore" - I've been on so many walks where I've seen just this image, and I love that the goddess charm somehow embodies  a being that would feel quite at home in the setting of the image within the bead. So, a new dress was purchased to go with the browns...I'm good to go (for a minute).
The One I Fell In Love With
Truth is, these pendants match almost anything. You can coordinate carefully, or you can break all the rules and wear one just because it feels sensual dangling just between your, er, well, above your sternum if you will...and it's wonderful to twirl between your fingers. I try when I make them to make sure they are not too tight and not too loose, but just right for the tactile pleasures of twirling : ) I had no idea that some of them would be so fun to play with, to twirl between your fingers - until I tried on the one below. Well, it'll never make it to the shop, but I'll try my hardest to create some really tactile ones for you. This one appeals to me not only because it reminds me of swimming in the summer, but also because the little bead on the bottom is very texturey and I love to feel the bumps on it when I'm daydreaming....
My Tactile Pleasures!
Some of them have meaning to me, like my huge six sided beautiful green gemstone bead with the griffin charm that I keep because the griffin is part of my family's coat of arms, and the glowing multicolor silver foil beads with the lizard charm that represents the guardianship of life (always good), and the large swirled bead with the eternity goddess who protects my business (also really good), and the green *signature necklace that represents so many things in life, from stability, to change, to growth, to wealth, and protection, and creativity, and vitality - you can see how this could become quite addictive.
SOLD - Signature Necklace
And that's the thing! I started making them for me, but I couldn't stop, still can't, and the interesting thing is that I can feel the energy of each of the people who will buy them - someone in need of a bit of shoring up, someone who wants to hold some special meaning close, someone who laughs all the time, or someone who wishes to give a friend some good energy. They're all about the energy.

I don't make these by myself. When I create these works of art, I invite not only Spirit to help me create for the benefit of all, but also the spirit of each owner, to fill you up with a bit of joy, because joy belongs to us all, it's part of our divine inheritance (yay!). I really enjoy being a part of being able to bring you joy and it thrills me to hear of your happiness. Sometimes a little bit goes a very long way, and I celebrate the joy of sharing beauty and the sparkle of life with you.


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