Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've Missed You

UPDATE on the post below: I've decided for now not to sell through Tait or other shops around town because in order to do that, they each would charge me between 20 and 40% of each item sold. That means that in order to stay in business I'd have to mark up my jewelry to ridiculously unaffordable levels. I want to continue to use really excellent quality materials, good leather, sterling silver, really beautiful beads, enchanting charms, so the best venue to get them from me to you is definitely Etsy!

In some of my creations I use handmade beads that are more expensive, but the real cost is in the metals. I am careful to use only lead-free materials and established metals that will not bring illness when worn. I also take the time to do the work necessary to make sure your special treasure lasts a long time, so that means no cheap metals that can "turn" color, eye pins that are strong and thick enough to withstand frequent wear, and moderate costs. Thanks for your appreciation of the quality that goes into my work!

Amazing how time flies when you're having fun! I've been busy creating a selection of jewelies to bring down to Tait Farm so that local shoppers can choose their treasures in person as well as on my Etsy shop, Dreamkeeper Creations. Tait has an amazing selection of gift items in their shop at the farm, ranging from yummy homegrown edibles to plants, and jewelry made by local artists. It's a great place to shop for presents.

Here's a snapshot of the display I'm loading up.

Earrings Getting Ready to Show Off Their New Owners
The right-hand side of this display rack has lots of space for Dreamkeeper Pendants, and I've been working on getting the round leather necklaces prepared. Another irresistibly artsy wee hour Friday night....

Wait til you see how these lovely colors go with the pendants - too fun!
The other thing I worked on last night was little Mung. She's all dressed up and ready to go, let me know what you think! She has a new neck ribbon, and fine little shoes on her happy feet.
Mung with Her New Neck Ribbon
Little Mung's Fancy Feet

I love seeing Mung with her hands resting on her head, she looks very satisfied with her world. But a friend of mine wanted to see her with her arms down, so I took out the stitch that held them in place and replaced it with a cute pink straight pin, so voila, now she can relax when she wants to.
Mung Gets a Rest

 Having her arms down also lets you play with her hair, which is soothing - to run the fringe through your fingers. She loves the attention.

Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure....
I look forward to posting more often, to show you the new items that'll be going up on Dreamkeeper Creations.


  1. Mung Mung Mung!! I love her even more with her fancy shoes and her new, flexible arms! Just looking at her brings me a sense of serenity and goodness. Thanks for the new pictures!

  2. Jen, she is adorable, I love making pocket goddesses or nesting dolls, the smaller the better, people can carry them when they travel.
    Your work is wonderful. I believe we can dance with the muse, as much as she demands...otherwise, we will not be balanced in other areas that demand so much of our time and energy. It is good meeting you dear friend. Griselda