Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Vix, Jewelry Model Extraordinaire!

Say hello and introduce yourself, here she is! It's Victoria!
She's a tad shy but warming up quickly....
She arrived yesterday in a Very Large Box, all the way from Roxy Display in East Brunswick, New Jersey. I'll bet she has some stories to tell, being from New Jersey and all, where I spent some "interesting" years growing up. 

I must confess, I had put off bringing in a mannequin because, frankly, I was a little spooked by the thought of some naked graven image just waiting like something out of a scary movie to catch me unawares in the sacred recesses of my studio where I spend plenty of time during midnight and wee hours.... 

It didn't help when I opened The Box to find her wrapped in white foam like a mummy. I hesitantly kept going, removing the mummy wrap and the little white spongy face mask she was wearing like women sometimes sleep in (to protect her nose I think), and once she was born, I was very pleasantly surprised - yay! Naked she was, but not creepy at all. I picked her up (she doesn't weigh a thing - I'm jealous) and brought her over to where the latest jewelry for Dreamkeeper  Creations awaits upload to Etsy.

It wasn't even a minute til I was draping her in earrings, necklaces, shawls, hats, and all manner of mood makers. I swear her smile increased and she loved showing off for you.

Victoria begins to show off....
So I practiced dressing her up so you can see how the necklaces hang, and how long the earrings are, and practiced taking photos.
Sexy Vic showing off her love of sandcastles.
Vic played along nicely, and I was having the time of my life, announcing to my husband, who went searching for hats until her wig arrives, that it was like playing dolls again, only better! 
Vic waiting for her wig, which will be just the right touch....
So here's Victoria all dressed up in Dreamkeeper jewelry, almost ready to party, but for the arrival of her wig. 

Which, happily, arrived today, hurrah!
Vic, happily showing off her Dreamkeeper Creations Jewelry!

So here's Vic, maybe I should call her Vix cause she's such a vixen, all dressed up with her hat, her hair, and her Dreamkeeper jewelry. We should all look so good! I know we can feeeel this good! You'll see Vix (she's now officially christened) helping me in my Etsy shop to let you know how our jewelry looks on the body to help make your mood! Such a nice employee, she works for free : ))


  1. Miss Vicky is lovely, and being a doll owner myself, I can absolutely and completely understand the "playing with dolls" feeling, it's the little girl inside that never goes away ;) *hughughug* Just remember, you can never have just one :P

  2. I've already bought her three new wigs. Hey, a girl's gotta have her moods....