Friday, December 16, 2011

Doggies watching TV - HA!

Lil Bear looking out the picture window, one of his fave pastimes.

Benjamin after he just woke up xo
Sometimes when we watch TV my two dogs, Benji and Lil Bear get real interested if there are any animals on the screen. So one night I wrote a little "Dr. Seuss" type of poem about that. Here it is...if you read it out loud to a kid it'll get you both laughing : )

Snufflepups and Grumblerumphs

Snufflepups and Grumblerumphs!
My doggies LOVE to watch TV.

They hufflejump onto our laps
 where they drape themselves to doze
 until suddenly their ears pop up
and they tremble to their toes.

They rrrumble and grrrumph
rather fiercely I say
at lightflashing actors
with four legs or nay

“Oh who, oh who, and how, and when
will they come through the screen
and land in our den?
Will we lick them in greeting
right on their ear?”

“Grrrrrumph! GRRRRrrrrrrrrrr    rrr   rr   r rumble! Umphsnuffle!”
they cheer.

Snufflepups and grumblerumphs!

Smart as whips, my doggies prance
around the TV to the back,
all ashiver at the chance
to increase their doggie pack

If only
the actors
weren’t        so         FLAT
not round, just sound no smell,
oh well!

Snufflepups and grumblerumphs!

They dash across the room
over the table, across the rug
 and skid to a halt.
 And sit very still.
 With one paw up.

And say to the screen
 “Hey! Hey! Who IS that
in this very strange scene!?”

“How can we tell
if they don’t have a smell
if they’re friend or foe
and how do we know
to protect or reject
or sniff
or lick
or snuffle
or grumble
or rumph?
My doggies say.

~Jennifer Berghage 12/2011

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