Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Wine Glass Markers and Rear View Mirror Light Catchers

Classy Wine Glass Marker
I've been making some classy little wine glass markers which are now for sale in my Dreamkeeper Creations shop on Etsy. This is my favorite, with a fancy jasper carved bear bead, and maroon, olive, and blue seed beads winding around the flexible silver twisty section. When you pop these onto your wine glass stems, not only do your guests feel special, but they can tell which glass is theirs! 
Back View of Wine Glass Marker
The back of the Wine Glass Markers is just as pretty as the front! Each one has a couple of little tails that sport accent beads and seed beads to match the main twisty section. Findings are silver plated wire and sterling jump rings. They don't go into the dishwasher but can stay on the glasses if you're hand washing.

Here are a few more examples.
Carved Jasper Bear Wine Glass Marker with Onyx and Jasper Tails
Black Onyx Carved Bear Wine Glass Marker with Black Glass and Onyx Tails

Turquoise Carved Bear Wine Glass Marker with Turquoise Tails
Another sparkly item I've been making for you is the Light Catcher Car Jewelry! These are easy to fasten around the arm of your rear view mirror so you can enjoy the sun sparkling through and lighting them up.
Rear View Mirror Light Catcher
I have three in my car, a rabbit for trust, a bear for connection as I travel over the earth, and a Buddha to lend serenity as I go about my travel adventures.
Rabbit, Bear, and Buddha
Here are a few more that will be up in Dreamkeeper Creations for you.
Turquoise Bear Light Catcher with Glass Circle Beads
Cheery Red Light Catcher
Shiny Blue Light Catcher
Look for more fun treasures and jewelry at Dreamkeeper Creations!


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