Monday, August 27, 2012

Treats for you for Christmas

Have been working on my display box for the beautiful cloisonne bracelets and it's all finished now. Lovely box, decoupaged with gorgeous photos of all things Chinese and lined with a deep forest green chenille fabric. Choosing your bracelets should be a really fun experience.

Cloisonne Bracelet Display Box
Also have finished staining the hands that will go next to the display box and making mini bracelets for them! Now one of my projects is to make a bunch of sets like the one in the box above - a set of five bracelets is $20. I'll make sets of all one color, like the blue hand on the left below, and sets of all different colors, like the one on the right. Then you can combine them any way you like depending on your outfit or mood.

Buddha hands with mini cloisonne bracelets

Have also had a great time making bead necklaces as well. These are on affordable stainless steel chains. I love the gorgeous colors of the beads.

Most of the focal beads are handmade by Beth Blosser of Pomegranate Glass
And I'm making earrings to go with the necklaces because I find that customers often like to buy a set as a gift.
Several different pairs will match with the necklaces - yay!

Color combinations match the necklaces
Lots to be done, can't wait to work on them some more!

Beads saying "Pick me, pick me!" I pick up the beads with that lovely silver spoon.

Spacer beads for the cloisonne bracelets - it's like working with rainbows!
My little boudoir doll patiently awaits her new blouse while I'm distracted with making necklaces and bracelets - she knows it's worth the wait. And in the meantime, she does get to wear her very own cloisonne necklaces : )

My boudoir doll sits in the studio overseeing the progress of jewelry making....
Check back for updates on Dreamkeeper Creations getting ready for Christmas, one of the most special times of the year : )


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