Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Future Is Your Inspiration Painting Finished

The Future is Your Inspiration
All finished!
I like how this colorful watercolor has turned out. It's a little message to myself to keep going - you never know what you can do if you don't apply yourself. Little faery is lovin' the baby oak. Eventually she'll move it cause it can't grow to its full potential in the deep shade of its parent; it needs to be out in the sun, but there's lots of space close by. (Click on the images to enlarge them)

Pencil sketch on watercolor paper
You know I love the looseness of the pencil drawings. For this one I moved her arm - did you notice? I like the sweetness of the "Father tree" watching how much his offspring is loved. I like that little Faery gives the sapling her attention like she has all day to do it. I'm sure she has flowers to paint and birds to ride, so many things to do in the faery world, but she's happily "in the present moment." A good reminder for me....

Ink is done 
Here's the ink sketch, just waiting to be blown off the page by lots of color. I probably need to reign myself in on my wild palette, but not yet ; )

I'm happy to have been able to finish the triptych; finishing anything is good, even if it's not perfect. Then we can move on to the next one, taking what we've learned with us, which will be even better!

So now I'm exploring dragons.
Who is my Dragon?
Dragon, for me, represents the demons I fight - the challenges - the obstacles - the fears. And what I've discovered is that I don't want to kill mine, I'd much rather make friends. Tame it, work with it, see what it brings to me. 

Camel Dragon?
So in working with my Dragon, I'm playing with what it looks like. This is the "camel" version. Kind of cute, could be dangerous if not handled properly or mistreated (BIG teeth).

Exploring ears, horns, spikes, textures, and eyelashes ; )
Yes, my Dragon will have eyelashes to beat the band, don't ask me why, I have no idea. I think his ears are somewhat inspired by Benji's, what do you think?

He doesn't know he's Dragon inspiration....

 And here we have the realization that I don't have a clue what a dragon's nose and mouth area looks like. Hm, research needed. Anyone got a dragon I can babysit?

Hm, I've never seen a dragon, how does the understructure look? Obviously I haven't a CLUE....
Tune in soon for updates on how Dragon's coming along. Should be interesting if nothing else ; )


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