Friday, January 10, 2014

How to Get Along with a Twelve Tailed Dragon

My Twelve Tailed Dragon
My Twelve Tailed Dragon has been flirting with me for the past few days. I was very surprised to find that he is capable of fierceness, but it's not at all his favorite thing. 

Red and White Striped Soft Boots
His favorite thing is a pair of red and white striped soft boots with bells on the toes that he loves to wear. This was the first indication I had that this drawing was not going to be too predictable - Dragon was gonna tell me what he wants, and it was up to me and my pen and my muse to give it to him. 

He's a very fancy, Grandfatherly Dragon, who knew?
After I drew his striped boots he decided he wanted a golden star hanging from one of his horns - and because it's always a good idea to keep your Dragon happy, that's what he got, along with a selection of bows and gold bangles to decorate his tails. He's very polite, see how he holds his tails under control while his Little Green Faerie Girl helps him pick out which kind of ribbon he likes best?

Litte Green Faerie in her best party dress.
Dragon's Little Green Faerie Girl has made sure to put on her best party dress in preparation for the festivities. She has a selection of ribbon for him to choose from, all color coordinated with her outfit so the other faeries will know they're pals.

Twelve Tailed Dragon Gettin' Dressed Up to Party
At midnight they'll go to the magical clearing in the forest for bonfires and dancing under the stars. He'll probably take her flying over the mountains, through the clouds, next to the moon and stars, too. They'll stay up til dawn to catch the sunrise from a nice hillside, then head back to the cave for some ZZZzzzzzzs. Sweet dreams! 

* * *

A couple of the challenges with this little painting involved figuring out how to include all twelve tails in the Dragon picture. I love how the tail started out as a braid, then exploded like fireworks into his twelve separate tail tips, hence the salt treatment behind his tail tips to help with that expression. 

Another challenge was that Little Green Faerie clearly expressed that she wanted her dress to be pink, red, and orange. I loved the challenge of making these colors work together, how did I do? To make it work without totally clashing (I know, my colors are crazy) I added a little red and yellow to the pink, and a little pink and red to the yellow, and a little yellow and pink to the red. So somehow it looks just the way she wanted it - very colorful like the time before twilight as the sun goes down, right when all faerie parties begin!

This little painting is a result of the suggestion to draw my Twelve Tailed Dragon in the Wonderlit course I'm taking. It's been a pleasure meeting him, and I look forward to drawing some more of his adventures (and meeting some of his friends!).

Til next time....


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