Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dancing with Destiny ink image is finished!

Destiny's Sister, Fate
Back in December of last year I started a picture called Dances with Destiny, and I mentioned that I was thinking about adding her sister, Fate. For a few months this idea percolated in my head and finally one night around midnight I pulled it out and started working on it again, and the photo above shows the result. Beautiful Fate, Destiny's sister has made her appearance.

Dancing with Destiny and Her Sister, Fate
Fate floats above Destiny blowing her trumpet to celebrate the little girl's journey through life. Out of her trumpet flow waves of music, and I liked that the most important wave, Love, floats down under Destiny's feet, as if to suggest that love must be the foundation for our lives if we are to reach our full potential.

The patterns within the waves are drawn using a technique called Zentangling, which I'm considering teaching in classes I can offer through the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania. Yay, I've finally joined! Come on out and visit me there during artist receptions or while I'm watching the Gallery from time to time. I'll probably be ready to do that next spring and am looking forward to some very fun times and meeting some very fun people.

The Accidental Rabbit
The photo above is a peek at a Zentangle rabbit I did last night when I couldn't sleep. A little Frank Sinatra in the background, and the peace and quiet of the night allowed me to sail off into the relaxing patterns of Zentangling. I call it The Accidental Rabbit because I didn't plan for it to be anything other than patterns, but as I was coloring it I realized it looked a bit like an animal, so I added an eye and an ear and gave him some whiskers. Now I can do another one with the plan in mind of actually making a Zentangled rabbit, and it'll be more visible. I'll post it once done. Lots of fun! And good sleep afterwards, ZZzzzZZzzZzzzzzentanglinggggg rocks!

What's great about Zentangling is that anyone can do it, and it's very relaxing. No two people do it alike, so learning how to do it is a wonderful, creative journey, and there are all sorts of resources available. Plus you can make all kinds of lovely personalized gifts for your friends and loved ones! Stay tuned for more information on upcoming classes.

I'm saving the black and white images of each of my paintings so that I can eventually make a coloring book available. This one will be gorgeous in color, stay tuned for that posting as well!

Happy creative journeys to you!


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