Thursday, September 25, 2014

Riding My Dragon Ink Drawing Done

Close up of Riding My Dragon
My schedule is weird. My most productive time seems to be between midnight and the wee hours of the morning. Often I work all night. Tomorrow my hubby has a busy teaching day, so he went to bed and I looked at the clock and pouted.

Then I decided I needed to go on an adventure and invited my Dragon to take me. Well, we went flying through the midnight sky, and he said to me, "Do you know that the midnight sky is not black, because it's lit by Dragons flying with fairy friends amongst the moon and stars."

Lovely ride!
He loves me. And I am rather enamored of him as well. He lets me sit upon his back between his fearsome horns and takes me gallivanting. Ah such joy. The whole world disappears. We hear only the wind and the quiet twinkling of friendly stars. It relaxes us.

I'm making sure to have each ink drawing scanned in by my wonderful print shop - JARU - because I want to make a coloring book available eventually, so I have to save the black and whites in the form that will allow me to paint them this winter, after the beading frenzy is under control.

Tonight I had to order 4 more watercolor blocks because I keep having to draw in between doing the beads and deadlines don't allow me the time to paint right now. Come on winter, come on snow, come on peaceful afternoons in my winter sunbeam, painting away.

This photo is hard to read, because the Dragon's wings don't carry until they get some color on them, but it's worth the wait for the turquoise going to green, carrying fairy friend through midnight skies that are most certainly not black.

Stay tuned for updates on the inks.

Bedtime now ZZZzzzzzz.......sweet Dragon dreams....


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