Saturday, December 6, 2014

New larger canvas paintings

Angel Fairy coming out
So tonight I decided to play with a 16 x 20 inch canvas and buy myself some alkyd paints for Christmas. Couldn't wait to see what I can do, so started drawing.

This is how she started coming about

She evolved into an angel fairy 
She evolved into an angel fairy listening to the celestial messages coming to her from her higher Self.

Angel fairy with Lynx
She has with her her faithful totem animal the beautiful lynx, who guards treasures, keeping them secret. There are coins beside the treasure chest to represent the payment given to a seer when the participant is willing to pay for knowledge gained - value for value.

She's very beautiful
I haven't painted in this style for about 25 years but am excited about getting back to it!

Her lynx
It should be very interesting to find out what I can do with alkyds and glazes and larger sizes. Stay tuned for the finished painting.



  1. Hi Carol!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family. Great to hear from you. I'll post a copy of the finished picture, can't wait to work on it!

  2. An aside that occurs to me after I step away from this drawing for a few days - the "celestial messages near her head kind of look like the symbols used in cartoons for swearing." So then I thought, well if these are celestial messages and it looks like they're swearing, what IS celestial swearing? What would they be saying? They'd be saying "Oh man!" Ha ha. I'll fix it when I start painting....