Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Madonna for Racing 2 Cure

Italian Renaissance Madonna and Child
I fell in love with the Madonna the first time I saw the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. During a violent thunderstorm, the main character, Frances Mayes, played by Dianne Lane, slaps her hand on the beautiful icon of the Madonna that decorates the old bed in her Italian villa. The way she slaps her hand on the icon promises a connection to safety, a connection to one who has borne the worst and survived. Along with Frances, a little owl rides out the storm, sitting safely in her bedroom while the shutters flap in the wild winds and thunder and lightning rage outside. Frances says to the owl, whose feathers are ruffling in the great wind, "You're gonna be okay. You're safe here. Just don't fly around. You creep me out!" The owl, in many cultures, is a harbinger of death because of its silent wings and nighttime activity. It's a bird that is often ostracized by other birds. But owls have their place and purpose. No doubt about it. I love them. It's a great scene, full of hidden meanings. 

This is what Mary is to me: the calm amidst the storm. The quintessential woman who bears the very worst, yet never does her heart grow cold, and never does she lose the ability to love, not only her son, but also those who would do him harm. She has abiding faith in our larger Source of Creation. She has abiding faith in Life itself. She is an example for us to aspire to in cultivating serenity amidst the challenges of our lives.

So when I was asked by a good friend of mine, Brenda Milliken, if I was interested in donating some Dreamkeeper jewelry for the fundraising for Racing 2 Cure, I was delighted to accept, and my first thought was for the families dealing with cancer - the mothers, the children, the fathers, praying for healing and comfort, living with strength and loving with gentle hands throughout all of the challenges inherent in the illness in the bodies of our loved ones. I decided to donate my very first Madonna to this effort, in hopes that she will bring serenity and guard and guide the love within the hearts of those who understand the journey to healing. Sometimes that healing means "going home," and my hope is that this Madonna can be a source of comfort regardless of whether healing means "here," or "there."

The Madonna Necklace
The original painting of this Madonna and Child was attributed to Fra Filippo Lippi (scroll down within the Lippi link to see the full image, it's beautiful) during the Italian Renaissance period - so so many years ago, and yet the message still has meaning. I love the soft colors of this painting, and the rose with the thorns, a depiction of what it is to risk leaving our true home for adventures on beautiful Earth. She's very special.

Agate earrings with a touch of gold.
I made a pair of earrings in case her new caretaker would like something to wear with the necklace. I love working with gemstones, and agate has lovely energetic properties that enhance the energies of the wearer, such as the ability to bring about emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. "They aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy," according to my favorite crystal expert, Judy Hall, in her book, The Crystal Bible

Flat pearls with turquoise and Hill Tribe silver
 And while we're talking about the energy of the feminine, I'll post these beautiful flat pearl earrings, which include Thai Hill Tribe silver accents and little turquoise dangles. Pearls come from the sea, so bring good feminine energies to their wearers.

Black onyx teardrop necklace
I chose to include a beautiful sterling silver wire wrapped black onyx gemstone in this collection for Racing 2 Cure. Onyx brings strength and support during times of enormous mental or physical stress. According to Judy Hall, it helps to center your energy and align it with higher guidance. 

Black onyx teardrop earrings
And again, as a designer, I'm trying to give more thought to what earrings people might like to wear with their necklaces, so I put together these shiny black onyx teardrops - simple, not too "matchy matchy," they'll go with the necklace beautifully. You could also wear anything silver, like hoops, or anything with a little black in it. 

Beautiful blue chalcedony
Let's talk chalcedony. This beautiful transparent blue stone is full of healing energies. It's "a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will and enhances group stability." It also "absorbs negative energy and then dissipates it to prevent onward transmission." I gave this teardrop a couple of Swarovski crystal friends, in gentle pink and soft, silvery blue.

Pure chalcedony earrings
And I made some sterling wire wrapped blue chalcedony teardrop earrings to go with the necklace in case someone wants a set. They'll bring out the blue in your eyes, along with all the great energetic enhancements.

And last, but never least, I included a couple of sets of my most popular selling item in Dreamkeeper Creations, the set of five cloisonné bracelets.

Brenda's son, CJ will be doing his part for Racing 2 Cure, and I'll be his biggest cheerleader, next to his Mom. Go CJ!!  

Sending love and strength to all those who are experiencing health challenges. May this little bit of money help to bring comfort, and support the mission of finding a cure.


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