Sunday, January 3, 2016

Second Annual Review from my Employer, Dreamkeeper Creations

My good luck rabbit Ojime necklace which I wear all the time : )
So it is a bit past time for my annual evaluation from my bosses at Dreamkeeper Creations. I do this every year, to give me a plan and a touchstone and some encouragement. Here's this year's eval, which is a bit late because it was hard to write. But I'll certainly stick with this job. Oh yeah....

To Jennifer Berghage from her boss, Dreamkeeper Creations 01/03/16

Annual Evaluation

Dear Jen,

First, please accept our sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved daughter. We wish it could be otherwise, but we respect her choices and needs, as you do.

We are thankful that we still have you with us. We believe you have immense talent and we would like you to have a solid chance to develop it to share with the world. We would like for you to enjoy and revel in the moments that you are working to grow and to express your creative self, your mind and heart, and the appreciation you have for beauty.

We've watched you work through the hardest year of your life, and we'd like to highlight the qualities and skills that we see working for you.

It is evident that you have phenomenal strength and determination. It is evident that when you encounter challenge, you seek out ways to surmount it, some good and very effective, some self-destructive or weakening. In your situation for a limited period of time, the negative behavior is understood, and we sympathize. We are your best cheerleaders for working through it and letting go, for growing into the life-sustaining behaviors that make your work sing, and your heart sing.

It is evident that you have worked many years to create a store of reserves to pull out and lean on when you feel defeated, and you do pull them out, even as you work to escape the pain you have been feeling.

We would like for you to keep seeing your therapist, to keep that encouragement going, and the reminders that you are not your daughter, and that one moment is one moment, one appointment is one appointment, and what you do in-between makes a difference in how you're able to function and in how you feel.

We see that you're investing in both your restful life (new bed, peaceful bedroom with the comforts you find enjoyable), and in your physical life (creating your workout room where you can move your body and feel its strength returning).  We completely approve of these changes in your life and support your investment of them.

We would like to see you take some time to evaluate your direction for this year, creatively, no matter what else may come about, because it is the fire in your belly, the foundation of your existence here. You don't need to be famous, though you may become so, just create, do your very best, and spend time cultivating new friendships. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you're doing and working on living their own dreams. Drop the rest and anyone who does not encourage and support your dreams and efforts.

Choose carefully, focus, work hard, and you will see the reflection of your efforts and you will experience growing rewards. Stay focused when possible. Rest when you need to, walk in beautiful Nature, give your hands and mind and heart the power and freedom to do what they do, it comes from a higher source. This you can trust to bring you pleasure. And others too.

We are behind you one hundred percent. Follow your heart and don't let anyone steer you off your chosen path - listen and meditate. Enjoy your body movement.

We wish you the very best in 2016, a fresh new start, and a continuation of things that feel good. We are so very proud of you. Keep going. For you, for others who relate to what it is that you do.

Learn new things and let them fly. Spend time developing the social/online outlets.  Pay attention to the events at the museum, they are foundational to keeping you connected to others of like mind.

Carry on Warrior.

With love and respect and support and admiration - spread those wings and soar, we've got your back. We're looking forward to the wonderful year ahead.


The DKC Team

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