Friday, April 15, 2016

Receiving Jessica's Spirit - Painting is done

Detail of Jessica in Spirit
In order to celebrate my daughter's beautiful life and commemorate her passing, we invited a group of her friends, her Lovies, I call them, to hike up to a beautiful place she had enjoyed hiking to called Elowah Falls. We took a photograph of the falls after we'd scattered her precious ashes, shown below.

The Three Spirits in the waterfall foam.
As I looked at the photo later, I loved the way the spray from the waterfall rose up in the form of three women. It was as if they were welcoming Jessie's spirit. So I decided to do a watercolor painting depicting this.

Welcoming Jessica's Spirit
This is what came about.

During the ceremony, the Lovies released baloons that they'd written messages on, so I included them.

Loving messages to accompany Jess on her new journeys.
They also brought flowers and each person tossed one into the water along with blessings and prayers. So I included some flowers on the rock near Jess's spirit feet.

Beautiful flower gifts.
The Spirit Women in the waterfall foam seemed to welcome her, so I included them.

The Three Spirit Women
The Landscape along the stretch where Elowah Falls is, is mountainous, filled with beautiful pine trees, and many waterfalls throughout the terrain, so I painted them.

The beautiful landscape of Portland's mountains.
Jess has sprouted beautiful wings, and she's ready to go. 

Heading into new territory.
Happy new journeys my Love.

Healing is beginning.
My little painting is done xo


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  1. I think it's very interesting that when I posted this the time logged in at 11:11 - just Jess popping in to say hello xoxo