Thursday, September 1, 2016

Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Fairy Cabochon Necklace is done!

Beautiful colors of the Male Fairy Cabochon
I think I'm getting even better at making these beautiful cabochon necklaces.

This male fairy jumped into my hands the other day and he called for purple! and green! and dark steely blue! I listened.

Took me about half an hour to choose the beads to go around him and I felt so delighted to see them spread across the drafting table in my studio that overlooks the backyard, the birds, and the trees. My favorite spot in which to create that lets in soft breezes and sunshine.

Detail of the image Warwick Goble painted.

This cabochon that I made is a detail of an image Warwick Goble painted for William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream - published in The Fairy Book in 1920. I created the borders using peyote stitch, which we love! One difference between my work and the work of many other beaders is that I don't rely on just glue to hold my cabs - they're sewn in and will stay put with no surprises.
Top q u a l i t y xo
The complete image (nearly).
And what's better for a woman than dreaming outside on a warm midsummer's eve, softly cradled by Earth Mother herself?
Here's a photo of the necklace all done, yay.
And this photo shows a bit of its personality. 
Male fairy asked for Earth elements in the fringe of this necklace, so we chose iridescent purply blue flower tips and soft iridescent leaves and gorgeous Czech teardrops, like dewdrops, for the fringe tips. 

It's strung on good, strong Fireline, which gives the fringe a bit of wiggle. I love it. 

Forest green for the back.

The back is finished in my favorite color, dark forest green Ultrasuede.

Necklace strap - 22 and 1/2 inches

Cabochon with fringe - 5 and 1/4 inches at longest point

Cabochon alone - 1 and 7/8 inches across (with border)

Hangs mid-chest.

Comes in a velveteen pouch for softkeeping.

Can be worn with everything, dresses, tanks, blue jeans, etc. - but wait til it's somewhat "seasoned" to wear with white or very pale colors as the dark green may rub off with moisture while it's new.

Good work, time well spent : ))

Thank you for visiting Dreamkeeper Creations! This necklace will be up in my Etsy shop for awhile, and in Green Drake Gallery for awhile after that til it finds its forever home.


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