Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Mole's Journey To Heaven

I got a bit distracted from the beadwork and had to paint for a couple of days. Here's the result along with its story - it may eventually turn into a little children's book.

Little Mole All Dressed Up To Go To Heaven

This painting is called All Dressed Up To Go To Heaven, and it's inspired by my friend Anita's somewhat macabre photos. She came across a poor little mole in her garden that we think had been killed by a cat. Anita, with her soft heart, wrapped him in a soft green leaf and picked special flowers for his grave. She placed them with him before his solemn interment and took a couple of photos along the way (she can't help it, camera fever's got her through and through). When I found out she had photos of the little mole I asked her if she'd send them to me because it's always really valuable for an artist to see an animal up close so we can draw them accurately.

We both agreed that something about this little guy reminded us of children's book characters, so I promised her I'd paint him as one. Little did I know my artist's muse would dress him up and restore him to life - YAY!

In the painting, he's wearing red suspenders and a little black vest. This came into my mind because my husband has been cleaning out the basement this summer and we came across some adorable red suspenders that his son wore when he was not even two years old, and a little black vest as well.

The story behind the painting is that the little mole is in his spirit form, saying thank you to his old body, which served him well. He's bestowing a beautiful orange flower upon it before he hops off up the hill to play in the garden in the sky kingdom. 

Happy journeys Little Mole....

The painting took about 9 hours, and is done with Winsor and Newton watercolors. I dream of the days when I have enough time to paint. I don't allow myself to do it much right now because I tend not to sleep (or eat or anything else) when I'm painting, and I have to keep enough discipline about myself for my full-time job. But someday I'll be able to devote much more time, and it will be marvelous fun.

This little painting is important for the message it brings about the spirit continuing on after it no longer needs the physical body. If I do write a children's book, the story will begin with the end, and it will have little Angel Moles and other creatures in the Sky Garden. Because of this belief I have in the continuation of life, I like to sign off with the acknowledgment of the recognition of the spirit in all people, the spirit in you,

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