Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Treasures at Dreamkeeper Creations

After I finished the watercolor last week, I went right back to the lovely beads, and have some new treasures for you up in my Etsy shop, Dreamkeeper Creations.

Lotus Necklace
This lovely blue and green necklace reminds me of the peace of Monet's gardens - Nature holds the best kind of peace and healing for us in so very many ways. The lotus flower is revered by many cultures. It represents enlightenment because it begins its growth in the mud, which is akin to our physical world and lower level experiences here on Earth. When it reaches maturity, the beautiful blossoms reach up for the light of the sun, signifying purity; the growth gained from experience in the in-between world (water for the flower that eventually reaches the air, Earth for us until we reach the spirit world).

Red and Gold LOVE Necklace

I LOVE this necklace - it's spunky and bright, happy and carefree. Red is the color of vitality, held in the base chakra. It is what makes our hearts sing and lightens our steps. The focal bead is a very tactile chunky glass cylinder shape with a speckled square glass bead above, and a red circular bead which to me, always represents the continuation of life, or wholeness.

Amber Glass and Jade Earrings

These Amber Glass and Jade earrings show off the new style I've been playing with. I love the dangly beads on the bottom, and have found a place to get beautiful silver caps that finish off the ends so nicely. You'll see a lot more of this style at Dreamkeeper Creations.
Silver End Caps on Amber Glass Teardrop Earrings
 And here's a sneak peek at a new Light Catcher piece I made. Some people like to use these as bookmarks too. This one's made with a handpainted Peruvian monkey bead and a carved bone accent bead. It includes wood and glass beads as well. Sparkles like nobody's business hanging in the car from your rear view mirror.

Peruvian Monkey Light Catcher
 I'll close for now, and get back to work on more treasures. Thanks for checking in!

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