Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Bracelets!

I've been busy making Pea Soup bracelets. They're so fun. The hardest part is not popping them all right onto my arm to keep LOL. I've saved some for you and they're in my Etsy shop Dreamkeeper Creations.
Faces of Humanity Pea Soup Friendship Bracelets
At first I only kept two, which I wore along with a wonderful stretch gemstone bracelet, also available at Dreamkeeper Creations on Etsy.
Gemstone and Silver Stretch Bracelets

But then I fell in love with another one, so now I'm wearing four. They're fun because each one is different.
Jasper, jade, agate, a fun mood bead, speckle glass cube, and spiral of life beads.
These make great friendship bracelets because they each include a "Face of Humanity" bead, but the other beads on each one are all different. So you have a mix of what we have in common with what makes us unique. How fun....

Thanks for checking in! 

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