Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Earring Style Yay!!

So I stayed up all night again all inspired to create earrings. I should say the ones I finished are available and up on Dream Keeper Creations at Etsy. The ones I did last night are all about freedom.
Red Bamboo Coral and Hill Tribe Silver Dangle Feather Earrings
Years ago, when I realized my 16-year first marriage was over and there was zero, zilcho, NOTHING I could do to save it, in-between getting the children all taken care of and a new place for us to live, I took a little detour to a gorgeous jewelry store in the middle of the pristine mountains of Colorado, the place that restored my heart and soul. I had no money to speak of, started our new lives with a lot of balls, no secondary education, and $5,000 dollars, which isn't a whole lot, but more than many people begin with....

There, I bought myself a ring, handmade by a Navaho artist - it was a golden feather based in sterling silver that encircled my middle finger, to remind me that I now had the freedom to really spread my wings, to remind myself to be strong, to reach for the stars, fly high, and never again let anyone tell me "you can't."

My Freedom Ring
Sometimes you just need something to remind you that you can believe in yourself, and you can accomplish what you barely ever imagined, given half a decent chance. Sometimes you have to make that chance come about. It takes a whole lot of courage, belief in yourself, and maybe a little stupidity. 

I found it all does come out right in the long-run, though now there are "chapters" in my book of life, instead of the uninterrupted story I imagined as a young girl. Chapters are good. Really good.

So I've created for you some feather earrings, each with its own kind of gemstone energy - quartz, bamboo coral, amethyst, onyx, turquoise, agate, pearl - and in the end it's up to you to see which one will give you wings. Just believe that you can ... and you will!
Blue Quartz Dangle Feather Charm Earrings
Go for it, big or small, never give up!

What's coming up in Dreamkeeper Creations soon? Gorgeous Friday or Saturday night earrings - definitely not for work. Take a peek--
Luscious Gemstone Earrings
These are totally luscious! I'm wearing the ones you see here, but will make lots more so you can have some too. They're extra empowering with loads of gemstones, including goldstone, agate, aventurine, jade, onyx, fluorite, labradorite (one of my faves), and a ton of others. Keep in touch, Christmas is coming and maybe you know someone who would love some yummy gemstone jewelry and all that comes with it!


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