Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Style of Necklaces - YAY!!

So by accident I discovered a new style of necklaces to make for you! A gift from my wonderful artistic muse in the wee hours of the morning between Friday and Saturday. Aren't artful accidents sometimes so lucky....

Gorgeous First One of the New Style!
Doesn't Vix do a great job of showing off the new style?! For more details on Vix's story check out the story of when I bought her. (Use your browser back button to return here.)

New Style of Necklace, First One

I discovered this style late in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning when I was making a bunch of leather necklaces to put with the pendants that don't yet have any on my Etsy site, Dreamkeeper Creations. I saw the leather sitting there and put on this gorgeous green bead, then put some complementary beads on either side, and voila! The new style was born. I hadn't before designed necklaces on the leather without having the end pieces all done first. Then I found myself staying up all night doing a bunch more. Yes, I greeted the dawn, lovely foggy morning with birds tweeting the sun awake.

The new style of necklaces aren't interchangeable with sterling silver chains, but the pendants are, and I spent a bunch of time making leather necklaces for all the pendants that don't yet have them.

Vix Showing Off the Nile River Goddess Necklace
The goal is for all of the pendants I sell in my Etsy shop to be ready to wear. So putting the pretty leather necklaces on the pendants has been good for that. Most of these are interchangeable with sterling silver chains, which I've been able to buy at fairly affordable prices so you can have your everyday wear, and pop them onto sterling chains for specials.

The other good thing I've discovered is that I like putting lobster clasps on instead of the old style of silver hooks. I think they hold up better. I'm toeing the line between small enough to look good and not weight them so much that the clasp wanders down where it doesn't belong - and big enough to grab with your fingers to maneuver. Let me know how you feel about the lobster clasps as that'll help future design.

Current Lobster Clasp
I'll be putting tails onto the necklaces soon, look for updated photos. My friend told me her significant other thinks the tails are sexy, and that's always good!

Check back soon,



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