Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas!

Ready or not winter's coming!
We had a super surprise snowfall on Saturday - don't you just love snow on Saturdays! It reminded me that winter's coming and along with it the special yummy smells good cookin' parties happenin' holiday times.

There will be no more swimming for quite a while....
Toooo chilly and besides the winter cover's on the pool now.
Lil Bear had just the right idea, sitting on the porch in a lovely warm sunbeam.

Best seat outside of the house! Smart pup!
We spent the weekend going out every so often to shake off our sacred trees - they haven't had a chance to shed their leaves yet and the snowfall was hard on their delicate branches. 

Then in the wee hours I began to dream about the holidays - I LOVE them, don't you? Special holiday movies - Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Witches of Eastwick, Heaven Can Wait, Bonneville, The Big Chill, City of Angels, Sixth Sense, lots of ways to celebrate the soul...during Halloween.

And right after Halloween comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas! So I've been creating like a maniac (my hubby figures I sleep about 3 hours a night but my math makes it at least 5 or 6). I can't not do it - take a look!
Beautiful antiestablishment pearl earrings!
I've been making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, light catcher car jewelry - all to prepare gifts for your friends and family and don't forget yours truly! If you're like me, it's one for you and one for me when buying =:o
Labradorite necklace glowing in the last of the autumn sun
Gorgeous dangle earrings....
Green teardrops with sterling silver chain
And doesn't Vix do a great job showing off! Check out my blog post about when she arrived to help me let you know how things look when you have them on. She loves being outside with the wind in her hair and the sun sparkling all over her Dreamkeeper Creations.

AND I've discovered a new style of necklace, so new that I don't even have photos yet. But it has to do with briolette beads and sterling silver wire wrapping - took me about 3 hours to learn that this weekend - looks much easier than it is. Check back to see!

Til then,


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