Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Nature Can Answer Our Call

CROW painting - click to enlarge

In this post, I'm sharing one of my very informal art journal entries with you.

A poor wounded squirrel was in my backyard one day a couple of weeks ago when my husband was out of town. I didn't know what to do. I was worried about the squirrel and also my pups, who had to be sequestered in the house all afternoon. I called some neighbors, but no one was available to help. Then I called a number of Animal Control agencies, vets, etc. but they couldn't help either.

A little while later, as I sat in my kitchen looking out the window and wondering what to do, (Help! was the calling of my mind.) Mother Nature came along in the form of Crow, who sent Squirrel on The Long Journey very kindly, and with dignity (Crow didn't eat Squirrel or do any harm other than to put Squirrel out of its physical misery).

Pretty soon I was able to take care of Squirrel's now unneeded body, while its Spirit ran off to the Big Garden in the Sky.

Thank you Crow for your kindness to Squirrel, in ending its suffering. Thank you Mother Nature for your help when I was out of options.

This watercolor painting came about as a result of this experience.

About the words in the painting - I have this little bowl of Angel Cards that I keep in my dining room.

During the time when the Squirrel/Crow situation was happening I pulled a few cards. I'm always amazed and amused at how supportive they are. Before you pull one, you ask a question, or ask the Angels to tell you what is best to know at this time.

They told me not to worry, to keep the faith (FAITH card) and feel peaceful (PEACE card), in contrast to what my mind was telling me, which wanted to panic, thinking OMG, the poor squirrel, what the heck should I do???

And that thought, plus some Internet research (how does one pick up a wounded squirrel, what equipment is needed so it doesn't bite you and will you get rabies if it does...garage check for equipment, which listed heavy gloves and a towel, had the towel but the gloves I didn't have, alternative solutions included putting something over the squirrel to protect it, but all I could find was pots for our plants which the pups could knock over, besides, they'd block out the beautiful dappled sunshine that the wounded squirrel was currently enjoying, and if I did succeed in picking it up then how would I drive in the car with it, how would I contain it - it was too much alive to be safe in the car all the way to the vet or animal control agency...brought thoughts of several options, none of which I could follow through on, such as picking up the wounded squirrel to move it out of the yard or take it to a vet, and other options that were unthinkable, along with letting it suffer for who knows how long....)

The Angel cards told me support was on the way (SUPPORT card). They reminded me that Squirrel is Squirrel, and Crow is Crow, (INTEGRITY card).

In the end, Crow did one of the things that Crow does best, in giving the gift of Heaven to Squirrel. It was a very interesting experience. And I felt thankful that Squirrel was no longer suffering, my pups wouldn't be in danger, and Crow had come to help.

The Past, Present, Future = NOW words are included in this painting because they're an acknowledgement that there is only this moment now, which is what we should focus on instead of the past which no longer exists or the future which is not here yet. This understanding can be found in many ways, and is supported by many teachers, including Eckhart Tolle, who wrote the book The Power of NOW. If I had to choose a favorite book this one would be at the top of my list.

When confronted with death, this thinking is very interesting to me. It suggests a continuance - a sort of "constancy" or "ISness" that cannot be destroyed.

Food for thought - happy pondering.


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