Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Dreamkeeper Creations jewelry available at Green Drake Gallery!

Gorgeous and affordable handmade one of a kind bead necklaces!
This is entirely too fun. While winter winds swept through the valley I hunkered down on Friday and Saturday nights, sometimes until dawn, listening to episodes of Frasier (hilarious) and Murder She Wrote, and sometimes just plain excellent music (David Arkenstone) playing with beads and making these gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Finally I have them ready for you and today took them down to The Green Drake Gallery so you can touch them, read about their wonderful gemstone properties, and bring them home for you and your lovies.

It's a lot of work to get them ready! And I LOVE every bit of it!

Earrings! Just so....
My earrings are made from one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads that I buy from artists who love their work and it shows. If you do a You Tube search on handmade lampwork beads you'll get an idea of the lengthy process they go through to create these gorgeous beads. When I get them I examine the colors and accent them with beads that complement their glorious colors. I love the process of choosing their accent beads and putting it all together, aided by my special muse, who sometimes doesn't know the meaning of sleep!

I love to go to the Green Drake Gallery. I've been visiting galleries since I was old enough to walk. They feel like home and smell good (wood, paint, artist vibes, all good) and I'm old enough to have experienced several "cycles of life" including both the ups and the downs. My mission is to give you the very best of what I can create that's both affordable, and beautiful, and the bonus is that you can take a little bit of Green Drake energy with you as you progress in life, to give you strength, beauty, and hope despite odds that may sometimes seem a bit challenging.

Awaiting your arrival and their new caretakers--
When you purchase a Dreamkeeper Creation you're investing in yourself - the energies that help you to align and function on healthy levels. They don't come from me though I put the creations together, they come from Spirit, our creative Source - I never work alone. Choose what you are drawn to - I believe these energies and the beauty that the piece brings enhance your very own capabilities that you may not even be aware of! It's a special kind of magic. I should also say that though I wear a lot of gemstone jewelry, and choose carefully depending on which energies I want to enhance for what I have to accomplish, some days I just wear glass - wanting no extra influences. You can feel which days those are and there are some pieces that are just plain glass to accommodate those times.

So here was our journey today to and from the Gallery - stormy sky bringing wonderful spring rains that I so love - 
Our journey under stormy spring skies
And here is what I have to greet me on my desk when I arrive at home - I'm sure the spring rains helped to bring this beautiful flower about and it truly feeds my soul, as I hope it does yours too! We thrive on creativity in all its forms!
Peony - LOVE them!

I have three peony bushes in my backyard, and I look forward greatly to their blossoming and wonderful fragrance each spring. 

I hope that you'll come out and visit the Green Drake Gallery, even if just to sniff the wood floors, soak up the creative energy, and vibe out on the great music during the frequent events they offer. And if you want to celebrate life with a little sparkle, know that my muse and I, in the guise of Dreamkeeper Creations are there to help you do that!


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