Saturday, July 20, 2013

Celebrating Pregnancy

Celebrating Pregnancy (Click on the image to enlarge it)  
I saw this woman walking down the sidewalk the other day and she was wearing a long summer dress, patterned with horizontal stripes. She was verrrry pregnant, and it was so interesting how the stripes hugged all the curves of her body - I wondered if she knew. She seemed so content in her flip flops and stripes, and she inspired me to do a little art journal painting to celebrate pregnancy and motherhood.

The details in this painting are inspired by the beautiful glass mosaic bird feeder in my backyard, where the birds come to feed, and kick out seeds that fall down below and become beautiful sunflowers. We love to fill the feeders with those nice fat black sunflower seeds. All kinds of birds love them and come every morning and evening. I like to think of a young mother-to-be walking in a garden enjoying life all around her as it grows inside her.

We also have some lovely purple geraniums, a wild variety, that grow under our bird feeders, and they wanted to be in the picture too. 

This mother is making a vow, as most mothers do, to love her baby, come hell or high water, never shut the door, always be there, forever and a day, no matter what....

Here's to loving mothers everywhere! 


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