Sunday, October 20, 2013

Little Goddess Necklace is about half done!

Little Goddess necklace with finished fringe
So now I've finished the Little Goddess clay face cabochon necklace's fringe. I love doing fringe - probably because I also love to play with it. When you hold her up, the accent beads line up very nicely making "V" patterns.

The necklace part is coming along
I decided that I wanted to peyote stitch the necklace part so have been working on this today. Have never done this before (peyote stitch with nothing under it) so it's very interesting. I threaded a piece of leather inside the peyote tube to give it some support while I'm working on it. Will probably leave the leather inside after it's finished to lend stability.

I will make a toggle and loop to connect the necklace, so it'll be all beads, with no metal fasteners. I like the cohesion of having the materials all the same. Have never done the toggle loop thing, so will need to learn about that too.

I figure it'll take another day or two to finish--takes about an hour to do an inch of peyote stitch tubing. I work with a piece of thread that's about a yard long, so it can be tricky. Also take some breaks to give my eyes and hands a rest. The plants got watered, breakfast dishes done (how nice that housework becomes a nice break), and there was time for a little porch sitting in a sunbeam.

Will post soon when she's done. Good work today - Roberta Flack accompanied me : ) It's so incredibly wonderful to know I can get up tomorrow morning (or stay up all night) to work on this some more! Yaybers!

I might enter her in a beading contest--will see....

Hope your day was just as wonderful!


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