Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The commissioned beadwork Statement Necklace is finished - YAY!

Dazzling Statement Necklace  is finished - WOOT!
Ta da! Here it is, the Statement Necklace commissioned for Beverly Kaye. Oh I've discovered a world of joy in making pieces like this. I tried wearing it for a few minutes (I always test my pieces) and it sits well and isn't heavy. I worked hard on the necklace part so that it would be comfortable. Look at those colors! You could wear this with a number of different outfits, depending on whether you're feeling purple, black, silvery gray blue, or forest green....

The back of the cabochon
I glued the beautiful glass cabochon to Lacy's Stiff Stuff, which is excellent for beading, and after sewing the peyote stitched rows around the cab I covered the back with soft glove leather. Then added the fringe! I wanted this piece to be a bit asymmetrical, so made the fringe fluffy, but not predictable. There are some fun end pieces, such as the polka-dotted smooth oval bead and the glass teardrops. Also wanted to accent the shape of the piece itself so used several bicones in the fringe at strategic lengths.

Beaded toggle clasp
I discovered it would be good to have about four hands while beading the toggle clasp. I wanted the piece to be cohesive, no metal elements, so used flat peyote stitch on the toggle then zippered it up and added beads to the ends. It's fairly soft so goes through its loop nicely.
Toggle done up
The toggle clasp sits nicely and is quite secure and comfortable. Who knew the receiving loop would be the hardest part of the necklace? With nothing substantial to weave back into it presented some challenges, but I think I've got them covered.

Heck of a statement!

So I'm meeting Charlene so she can see and touch it, then will ship it out to her friend. Hope she enjoys wearing it as much as I did making it!

More to come and they'll go into my Dreamkeeper Creations Etsy shop and the Green Drake Gallery!




  1. Love it! It's so bright, I love those colors!

  2. Thanks Clara! Dichroic glass is one of my favorites to work with!