Sunday, November 17, 2013

White Sage Faerie Cleansing Her Aura - Drawing

Drafting table is all set up to ink and paint the new Faerie
Last night we had Mom and Dave over for dinner, which was divine, but Dave decided he'd like to drink some coffee, so I made a hefty pot. I couldn't resist drinking just a couple of little cups, which is generally a no-no for me since I don't do much caffeine these days - but you know that fully loaded coffee tastes sooo much better than decaf.

Dinner was fun, we read a couple of chapters out of Robert Fulghum's Maybe (Maybe Not). This book is too funny not to read some parts aloud. He has a chapter on poinsettias that had us howling with laughter, and another about men and their wallets that's just priceless. He's the kind of writer everyone can relate to.

After the great dinner and coffee and laughs I found myself pretty wide awake so I grabbed my watercolor block and a pencil and plopped down on the living room couch surrounded by feather pillows (they make a nice poofy desk to rest the pad on) and started to draw. I've been feeling that special energy in my hands for a few days - that's how I can tell I really need to draw, they tingle and draw my attention.

It took about four hours to draw this image in pencil. I found myself popping out to the studio to sharpen my pencil every so often, and to grab my iPad so I could look at photos of sage. I wanted this little faerie to be surrounded in sage, since she has quite an affinity for it. We caught her cleansing her aura - so she's standing among the sage plants, holding an abalone shell and a wrapped bundle of sage that is burning at the tip. She waves the smoke over her aura to cleanse and purify herself. This is an ancient practice that many American Indians perform, and whenever your energy's feeling "muddy" or unclear, you can do it too. It's also great for cleansing your environment. Smells divine.

I'm also incorporating a little "tangling" for the borders, which is very relaxing and fun to do. If you've never heard of Zentangling, check it out - it's way fun and great for lowering the blood pressure.

Now this image is half inked and I'll do the rest today.
It took about four hours to draw her, and then I was going to go to bed, but I made the mistake of picking up a juicy black marker and started the inking. That kept me up til sunrise ; )

She has a beautiful face and a crazy hat and wild wings that take her flying anywhere she wants to go.
So I slept half the day away, but what a pleasure it is to wake and know that I'll be spending the rest of it finishing the ink on her face and body, then I get to paint her! She'll be mostly blues and greens, the colors taking their cue from the sage.

Check back to see how it comes out!


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