Tuesday, November 19, 2013

White Sage Faerie done, new directions happening : )

White Sage Faerie
White Sage Faerie is finished, yay! What inspired me to do this painting is the American Indian tradition of cleansing the aura and environment with sage. Also I love the white sage growing in our garden in summertime. Nothing smells as fragrant as burning sage, and the properties of it for cleansing the aura or etheric body are amazing. Removes all negativity either within the body or the environment. Makes you feel light as a feather, really, you can tell the difference before and after.

There were some interesting challenges with this painting. One was that I am lousy at lettering and when I used my normal handwriting on the original, it was not legible, and of course that bothered me. So I fixed the hell out of it by coloring over the original attempt with black. 

Now that it was fixed I had to find something that would write over a black background, and that also presented several challenges. There are a number of markers on the market that'll do this, but some are too fat, and some are too thin, you know the fairytale - so finally I settled on the one that writes the smoothest and practiced and practiced my handwriting so it can at least be read. (Sharpie copper marker worked for this.) How did I do?

She's smiling!
One thing I noticed in this painting is that at last, my faerie is smiling. In so many of my earlier works there is a sadness - it just somehow came through. Maybe it was because I wasn't devoting my whole self to this work. I find it interesting that at last one of my figures is smiling. I have some control over the drawing, but it has a mind of its own as well.

The border is crazy Zentangling, which, as I've mentioned in my other posts is fun and relaxing, as well as a healthy way to spend a little time that lowers the blood pressure and promotes serenity. There are no rules in tangling, and that's what makes it so much fun.

So now I'm thinking parsley - I'm thinking I want to see what kind of little faeries are associated with various wonderful spices that we cook with - can you imagine cayenne? I can't wait to see that one.... 



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