Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peekaboo with Flower Moon

Once upon a time, I met a Flower Moon Goddess walking by the sea and we became such close friends that she agreed to pose for me while I created a necklace in tribute to her beauty. She loves the moon so much that she kept me working on it all night long 'til the first birds started softly chirping the sun over the horizon, come to chase off the early mists of morning.

I love beautiful hand carved bone moon faces, and embellished Flower Moon's with the colors of the sea - soft greens and blues with a bit of bronze. She's a bit of a girlie-girl and asked me to put a cluster of flowers at the side of her little cap to decorate the waterfall of fringe that is her hair. She loves surprise and unpredictability and wanted her hair to reflect the fun of doing things the way she likes. For a moment, she leaned in to smell the fragrance of these flowers, so tantalizingly sweet that she closed her eyes to enjoy it. The serenity in that moment is what she carries with her.

She also has very good taste, so she asked me to add some rice pearls and Swarovski crystals along with some Czech dagger beads and shiny iridescent glass leaf beads to reflect her love of Nature.

The clasp
She wanted nothing but the best for the clasp of her necklace, so I chose sterling silver cones and hand crafted the silver loops that hold the braided strands. The sterling lobster clasp makes it very easy to fasten.
A moment of serenity captured
After she was finished I popped Flower Moon Goddess on and declared that I might like to wear her forever! The smooth braided necklace feels so good against my neck, and the pendant is very lightweight.

Length of Necklace - 23"

Length of Pendant (with bail) - 3 and 1/2"

Creation Time - 25 hours

For sale? Well, I know she has a sister, and I feel her calling me already to make a necklace in her honor....



  1. Thanks Carol! Am making some more for Dreamkeeper Creations, my Etsy shop!