Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Angel Cabochon Necklace #1

Little Angel Cabochon Necklace #1
Well my muse, who is very closely aligned with my emotions, has been playing in the celestial realms over the past several weeks. The photo above is of Little Angel Cabochon Necklace #1.

She is composed of a gorgeous round fossil coral cabochon and a beautiful, serene hand-carved bone moon face cabochon. She is dreaming as she floats along in her celestial realms, surrounded by love and filled with peace.

She wanted soft rainbow colored seed beads adorning her wings, and her face is gilded in iridescent copper alongside the soft rainbow colored seed beads.

The outside border of this Little Angel cabochon necklace is made of cream colored seed beads, illuminating her aura, which is pure and full of the innocence that permeates the celestial realms.

She has a bit of vanity, assuaged by the larger bead adorning her forehead, and she has a rainbow fringe of long hair in back, tipped with smooth Czech dagger beads in copper and gold, in case her wearer wants to amuse themselves by playing with it during tedious meetings.

Little Angel has long hair.
The two-strand necklace part of Little Angel is 21 inches long, and slips right over your head with no clasps to fuss with, hanging just above the middle of your chest. As you can see in the photo above, she's backed with soft tan ultrasuede.

Including the angel pendant, the necklace is 25 inches long.

She is a birth angel. Perfect for someone experiencing a lot of change, or for someone very special who is expecting a Little Angel Spirit of their own.

She may be purchased through Dreamkeeper Creations, my Etsy shop in the Statement Necklaces section.

32 very wonderful hours went into making her for someone special - she'll call to you if you're the one.

Sewn with FireLine, which does not degrade and will last a verrry long time.

Thanks for visiting and meeting Little Angel Cabochon!


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