Saturday, March 28, 2015

Art Therapy - Little Angel Spiral Cabochon Necklace

Litte Angel Spiral Cabochon Necklace
This piece is inspired by thoughts of our true home and where we feel an abiding sense of belonging. 

Floating on waves of love.
For this piece, I chose a hand-carved bone moon face cabochon, and paired it with a beautiful dichroic cabochon that sits below the face, suggesting a "body" of sorts. 

Little spiral angel floating in her world of love.
I love creating "little people" or more accurately, "little celestial people, or angels." The photo above shows the little spirit floating in the place where she feels a huge sense of belonging - our true home. She's surrounded by love, and she's feeling very peaceful yet energized by her surroundings.

This photo shows the raised cabochon.
I took this shot of the piece to show the raised cabochon, which blends nicely into the background when viewed from the front. The cab inspired me to pull out the colors and patterns within it and surround it with echoes from the center. So there are gold semi-circles, along with flowing areas of blue and little firework explosions of blue and green and pink.

The fringe on this one feels magnificent, as you run your fingers down the front of it, the large Czech dagger beads in bright shades of blue, pink, green, and iridescent purple are so smooth against your fingers - it's soothing in some way to play with them. The fringe strands are punctuated with natural shell beads and a bit of agate, which, according to Judy Hall, in her book, The Crystal Bible, is "a grounding stone, bringing about emotional, physical, and intellectual balance." Agate is a "calming and soothing stone, facilitating acceptance of oneself," and aiding in "building self confidence." (Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible, 2003, Walking Stick Press, Cincinnati, OH)

This piece also includes beautiful black onyx, which, also according to Judy Hall, is "strength giving and provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances  and times of enormous mental or physical stress." Good stuff to have close.

And for just plain beauty there are Swarovski crystals and Czech glass dagger beads.

Necklace length - 24"
Total with pendant - 28"

45 hours total, made with love for just the right person - this necklace is available in Dreamkeeper Creations.


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