Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Ojime Bead Necklaces Available at the Bellefonte Art Museum

Creepy Rabbit Ojime Necklace
The jewelry show at the Bellefonte Art Museum is going well. I sold more than I had anticipated the afternoon it opened, so when I got home I made some more beautiful necklaces and some fluffy dangle gemstone earrings. The beautiful Ojime bead necklaces have been very popular. The photo above shows the little rabbit I call "Creepy Rabbit," because he seems a little scared and in need of some love.

Look at his little cute.
I had included the Creepy Rabbit necklace I wear all the time in my exhibit, and it was marked "Artist's Collection," which is how I label things I want people to see, but they're not necessarily for sale. However, one of our members fell in love with Creepy Rabbit so I went ahead and sold him to her, hoping I had another rabbit at home so I could make another necklace to replace him. Thank goodess, I did - so that very night I made a new Creepy Rabbit necklace, and popped it on - we get so attached to our little creatures.

The Ojime beads I buy are inspired by traditional Japanese Ojime beads, which are hand carved boxwood. The detail on the animals is amazing - the bottoms of their feet often include the toe pads, and their fur is beautifully carved. Their faces are also very detailed. Each one is signed by the artist, who spends about four hours carving each one.

The lovely ram.
Since we live in sheep country, I decided to make a necklace with the lovely ram Ojime bead. He's a happy little fellow, embellished with gemstone bugle beads, including tiger's eye, jasper, onyx, and agate. Gorgeous Czech glass leaf beads dangle from the tips. These necklaces are strung on FlexWire and crimped, so they're nice and strong. They hang about 18" down, so the bead sits below the chest.

Two rabbits playing....
Here's another one I made with a very cool Ojime bead that depicts two rabbits playing. I used a wider selection of gemstone bugle beads for this one, so it's quite colorful in an understated way. It includes blue lapis, red tiger's eye, brown tiger's eye, white jasper, onyx, and several other gemstone beads, along with some copper metal seed beads and some green, root beer brown, and glowy iridescent seed beads. 

I just love these rabbits!
Perhaps my favorite new Ojime necklace is the monkey below.

Happy monkey playing on his necklace.
I love this monkey because the carving is so good - he's holding his arms up, as if swinging from vines in the jungle. I had fun making the necklace and weaving it through his arms. This one includes jasper, agate, red tiger's eye, brown tiger's eye, and onyx bugle beads.

They'll be available through the museum through October 25th, and then either up on Dreamkeeper Creations or available at the Green Drake Gallery. They go with everything from dressy to casual. Each one is unique, and because they're one of a kind they make extra special gifts.

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