Monday, December 14, 2015

Dancing with Destiny and Her Sister Fate painting finished

Dancing with Destiny and Her Sister Fate

As we go through life, I think we have guidance from all kinds of loving sources, including some from the celestial realms. We travel our pathways with the guidance of these wise ones, sometimes not really recognizing them, though they are always available to us.

This painting depicts Destiny and her sister Fate, guiding a little girl through her growing up years. 

Step off the yellow brick road
Destiny teaches her to place herself solidly on a pathway of love and not to be afraid to step off the yellow brick road that may have been prescribed for her by others.

Destiny belongs to the little girl
The little girl will learn that if she dances with her Destiny, they can work together to create a meaningful life that will have a positive influence on others, and will bring pleasure and joy to the little girl. 

Treasures await.
There is a treasure chest sitting beside Destiny of wonderful tools and skills and talents for the little girl to discover. Crow, the bird that represents Cosmic Law, holds the key that will unlock the treasure chest.

Growing adolescent
The little girl has not yet grown into her beautiful self. She is still gangly and feeling awkward. But with the touch of Destiny's hand on her forehead, she will reach her potential.

Destiny's Sister Fate
With help from Destiny's sister, Fate, the little girl will find her way, guided by the music that wafts from Fate's trumpet in waves of love.

Destiny is strong and determined in guiding the pathway of the little girl so that it will be just right for her.

And the little girl is trusting the guidance of Destiny and her sister Fate. The little girl brings Destiny a gift of sunflowers, for we never take without giving back.

Fate knows nothing but love, and when she blows her trumpet, waves of music surround the little girl and guide her in her dance with Destiny.

The Journey
Altogether we have a journey guided by Destiny and Fate, which, when taken with feet planted solidly on the pathway of love, leads to a life of pleasure, joy, gifts of love, and celebration.

That is what this painting is about.


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