Monday, December 21, 2015

Two Worlds Painting in the Works

I have been working on the Two Worlds painting tonight. The photo above shows me, the mother of the daughter who passed away, surrounded in gray misery but a little light is getting in from my daughter's world from above.

Jess in her new world
She is happy and surrounded by waves of love, taking a moment to send some down to me.

The Two of Us
This shows the two of us, me feeling ego based and missing her, and her in her spiritual self all joyous, trying to send some light down to me.

Beginning to feel the light
I am beginning to feel the light and love but still ego based and trying to sort out how to find comfort in where she is now in relation to where I am.

Jess at Home
She is so happy, surrounded by love and all the things she could ever need or want - her heaven is as large as her imagination for a while. Looks like a pretty good place for her to be. You can see there are still parts of the image for me to finish.

The Two of Us
And here we are. Learning to communicate in new ways. I miss her earthly presence but I celebrate her new world experiences.

In this painting I am using color to communicate mood. And there is lots of detail. Pretty much everything has meaning - will post about that when done.

This painting will be finished soon. I love the winter when I can concentrate on drawing and painting.

Will post the finished painting when done.


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