Thursday, June 30, 2016

Springtime Cabochon Fairy Necklace is done!

Teaser - Springtime Cabochon Necklace!

I've had a good time creating this lovely springtime cabochon necklace.

She is born....
This little springtime cabby girl wanted me to choose a lovely hand-carved bone face, which I tea-stained, and for her belly, a gorgeous mixed gemstone teardrop cabochon in greens (my very favorite color,) and soft browns and creams. She is the Earth sleeping just before everything comes into blossom. She is the promise, always kept, season to season.

Serenity itself.
I used a bit of copper next to her head for balance, and along the way she let me know she wanted fairy wings, so I added the beautiful little leaf bead to represent her wings. The background is made up of many stop-stitch beads in greens, creams, copper, with a bit of gold, and she has tiny flowers woven into the background - see if you can spot them.

Her halo is made of beautiful bright green glass bugle beads, which I love.

She has a lovely necklace strap!
Her necklace strap is made of copper beads with some gorgeous glass floral beads, smoooooth tiny bugle beads, and seed beads. I love how it twines upon itself. (This is not easy to make happen, the twining.)

No fasteners to fuss with.
She slips over your head easily, and sits upon your chest, about sternum level. The sternum is the chestbone - which sits right about the level of the heart chakra (energy center) - the chakra of LOVE, the heart center. According to Chakra Anatomy, "Green is the color of growth, life, and balance. Through balance you find this center from which you can love, form healthy relationships, and give and receive love."

Soft ultrasuede backing.

The backing on this piece is soft tan ultrasuede. Wonderful to run your fingers across when you're in a boring

There she is!
Here you can see her altogether. Beautiful face, gorgeous cab, great background, and lovely necklace strap.

Total Length - 15 inches

Length of springtime fairy is 3 and 3/4 inches

Width is about 1 and 3/4 inches

Many hours of good, sweet work available to you at Dreamkeeper Creations. Come and take a peek.



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