Monday, June 13, 2016

A New Madonna for Racing2Cure!

The Madonna and Child
It's fundraising time again for Racing2Cure and my friend Brenda Milliken asked me if I'd like to donate some Dreamkeeper Creations jewelry. They do an auction on racing night - July 16th. It's a great cause, so I said YES! And because there are so many prayers going up for loved ones struggling with cancer I especially like to include a Madonna necklace. 

I love the madonna because, as I mentioned in the first Racing2Cure post, "Mary is to me, the calm amidst the storm. The quintessential woman who bears the very worst, yet never does her heart grow cold, and never does she lose the ability to love, not only her son, but also those who would do him harm. She has abiding faith in our larger Source of Creation. She has abiding faith in Life itself. She is an example for us to aspire to in cultivating serenity amidst the challenges of our lives."

She comes with a soft maroon pouch for safekeeping.
This madonna necklace incorporates blues, golds, and reds, with Swarovski and glass crystals to decorate the fringe. Czech glass dagger beads weight the bottom of the fringe strands. You can click on the image to see it larger.

The ever popular cloisonné bracelets.
I also like to include the most popular item I make for Dreamkeeper Creations, which is a set of five cloisonné bracelets. (3 sets available at auction.) The tubular cloisonné beads have a floral design on them and each bracelet is multicolored, so they match with everything. One reason these are so popular is that they don't mess with the keyboard when you're typing. They also are easy-on, easy-off since they're stretch bracelets that just pop over your hand and onto your wrist. 

Cloisonné Necklace!
AND I've had a lot of people ask for a necklace to go with the bracelets, so I made 47 inches of gorgeousness that can be worn a bunch of different ways. I have one and sometimes I wear it doubled up, other times I triple it up for blouses or dresses where I want something closer up on my neck. And sometimes I wind it around my ankle for some surprise bling.

Blue quartz wire-wrapped necklace
Sometimes I love to wear a simple gemstone sparkle, so I included a blue quartz, sterling silver wire-wrapped crystal on a delicate silver chain. I love the energies of this stone, which has properties that help to calm the mind, assuage fears, and inspire hope, according to Judy Hall in her book, The Crystal Bible (Godsfield Press, 2004).

Citrine with Swarovski crystals
Citrine is also a favorite, bringing powerful cleansing and regenerating energies.

Handmade glass lampwork bead with hematite and onyx.
I love handmade glass beads because no two are alike (like us!). The one on this necklace incorporates blues with a bit of elegant black, and swirling landscape colors that remind me of the ocean at night. Hematite "boosts self-esteem and survivability, enhances willpower, and imparts confidence." Judy Hall's information on the energy properties of gemstones helps us to choose what we want to enhance about ourselves. I like that.

Happy little floofy earrings!
I made some floofy, fluffy, fun dangle earrings for days when you're feelin' the love. These incorporate agate with a little bit of jade. Agate is a wonderful grounding stone, keeping us connected to beautiful Earth, and jade helps us keep wisdom up front. I have a couple pairs of this style in different gemstones and love to wear them.

Handmade glass with agate accent beads.
I love green, and I love agate, so I combined them in this pair of earrings. I really like that there are no others quite like this - the glass beads are handmade, hence, one-of-a-kind.

More one-of-a-kind earrings.
These elegant, understated earrings are also one-of-a-kind. The focal beads are handmade, beautiful glass beads with swirly designs in soft purples, blues, and creamy beiges with agate accent beads.

All made with lots of love.

Bid high, peeps, and wear the ones you win with good cheer, knowing you're helping to make a difference where making a difference really counts. And holler real loud when CJ, Brenda's son races - he drives to bring in a win for us all! GO CJ!

Racing 2 Cure's (R2C) mission is to help families that are currently fighting cancer. R2C wants to treat the "Human Side" of cancer. R2C donates a portion of the funds raised to cancer organizations that do amazing work in research, treatment, and raising awareness for this horrible disease. Additionally, funds are used by Racing 2 Cure to directly help families with everyday needs such as: 

  • Travel expenses 
  • Temporary housing expenses 
  • Utility bills 
  • Car payments 
  • Transportation/Gas 
  • Rent 
  • Insurance premiums 
  • Medical equipment 
  • After school activities for kids (with transportation) 
  • Day care (during treatments) 
  • Tutoring for students 
  • House cleaning / yard services 


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