Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stability vs. Flexibility - Simple but Profound Wisdom from a Short Meditation

Little wonders
So tonight I did my second Sara Wiseman lesson which involved a short meditation exercise. I LOVE meditation because it "downloads" simple wisdom that's immediately applicable to life. Nothing particularly mysterious about it - just clarity.

Tonight all my four guides came to me, my two Earth guides, my spiritual guide, and my mystic guide. The first thing they did was step from their positions behind me, to my left, to my right, and they came around front and faced me and joined hands. The thought that wafted into me along with lots of love and peace was: "We are always with you."

Then my Earth guide, whom I haven't formally met yet, I feel this guide but I can't yet see details of its appearance (Jess is the other Earth guide but she was quiet and peaceful tonight, just watching and being there), stepped forward and knelt on one knee. He put pictures into my mind of two rocks that I have. Along with the pictures, with each image of each rock, he "downloaded" a word. The first was flexibility. The second was stability.

Stability and Flexibility
I found the first beautiful, round, smooth rock years ago when I was hiking in California by a gorgeous singing, bubbling, sparkling stream. We walked across logs and sat in the sunshine along its banks, and I saw this perfectly round rock at the edge of the stream and picked it up. I always ask if they want to come home with me, and got the feeling of yes, so I brought it home. It usually resides in a handwoven Peruvian basket along with other rocks I've picked up from special hikes. It feels good to hold it, perfectly round and smooth, a friendly little rock.

The other square rock, I picked up on top of a windy field in Wyoming when we took a 40-mile canoe trip down a gorgeous river. We stopped to walkabout on the land for a while, and there was no development, it was just smooth flatland with scrubby grass and a few rocks and pebbles, and a view of sparkling sun on green and brown Earth as far as the eye could see. The wind was softly blowing across this land as I walked. It was hot away from the water, and the wind felt sooo good. I walked quite a bit by myself and came upon this curious rock that is perfectly square and has four lines almost incised across the top, as if it were an ancient game piece. I asked if it wanted to come home with me and felt yes, so I brought it home. 

Side note - I would love to have this rock looked at by a person who knows about these kinds of things because I feel it was "crafted," that it did not become perfectly square by the forces of Nature. It's a verrry cool rock.

I've had these rocks for years and love to pick them up once in a while. I did not know they're teaching rocks.

Tonight I found out in my meditation that they were given to me to remind me that flexibility creates stability. In other words, in this world today, when we can roll with the flow, we create stability for ourselves and our Lovies. It seems a bit of a contradiction at first, but when you ponder it, it makes perfect sense. 

So now these two rocks reside upon my desk, to remind me as I do my work, as I communicate with others, that flexibility and stability go hand-in-hand. I have the awareness of (and application where appropriate) these two characteristics flowing through me as I work.

Thanks for the lightbulb moment, my sweet spiritual guides. That was fun!

Cool beans. If you haven't explored meditation you might find that it can be very enjoyable and rather profoundly enlightening. Nothing fearful about it. Go within to find the true wonders xo


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