Friday, January 27, 2017

Fairy Dust Seed Bead Bracelet is done! Woot!!

Fairy Dust Bracelet
Wow, this sweet bracelet is all finished, and when I put it on, it feels so elegant and soft. It's got great energy. I'm very excited about learning how to do this on my loom!

I need to tell you the difference between my bracelets and others you might find. If you do a search on Etsy for "seed bead cuff bracelets," you'll come up with items ranging from $16 to $600.  I've been working to create beautiful bracelets that are different from the others you might come across. What makes mine different is that I'm a quality girl. I strive very hard to make bracelets that will last and last through generations. That you can trust.

Borders protect the outside thread.
For example, in the photo above you see the "raw edge" of the loom piece on the left bottom, and many, if not most, bead artists consider their bracelets finished at this point. One of the reasons I don't stop at this point is that wherever there's thread exposed to friction, a weak point is created. The thread becomes vulnerable to breakage over time. When I add a border, which you see happening on the right-hand side, the beads provide a strong buffer.

Also, I'm fussy about my edges looking as beautiful as the piece itself, so I don't like to see unfinished borders that are a little bit uneven. The border adds sweetness and strength to the bracelet, and it takes more time, and more beads, but I think it's well worth it. When you purchase one of my pieces, you're investing in quality, and I appreciate that, and know you will too.

The other thing that makes my bracelets different from many you'll find is that I have quite a lot of experience with different kinds of clasps. Many artists finish these kinds of cuff bracelets with a toggle clasp or a clasp that goes down to one point and allows the attachment of an "extender." When you have an extender, you have something that's going to tap your desk and tangle in things when you're doing stuff, and it's another thing that creates either irritation or a "weak point," though it allows makers to sell bracelets that will fit different wrist sizes. I'd rather make it to fit and get to know my customers. Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm a real person behind these little beauties and all are handmade by me, no other manufacturers involved.

And one other thing that makes my bracelets unique is that I don't copy. I don't grab a Klimt or some other artist's work and make my design based on theirs. I have plenty of inspiration that comes straight from the Source. If you have some artist's work that you like and you want something representational, I can do that, but I'm careful to be inspired and not copy. No copying E V E R.

I invest in sterling silver strong magnet slider clasps and they're somewhat expensive, but they're trustworthy. They hold the bracelet close to your wrist and they're really easy to get on and off. I know peeps don't wear their bracelets as often as they might like if they're a hassle to get on and off. So easy on/off is important to me.

Sterling silver slider clasp.
 I've also learned to add pretty details to the clasp such as beads that sit on top of each ring for decoration. So not only is it functional, it's also beautiful. So this bracelet does have a "front" and a "back," and it's easy to put it on so the pretty side of the clasp shows.

It's so soft.
What I like about this style of cuff bracelet is that it's really soft and flows right around your wrist without a lot of weight or heat. In the winter it's great to wear thicker cuff bracelets, but in the hotter months you'll appreciate the airiness of this style.

Right now I'm making several that are about an inch wide, like this one.

Bracelet is folded but shows the width. 
I also make them up to about 2 and 1/2 inches wide, which feels light, elegant, and allows more room for patterning.

Yep, this could be yours.
These are fairly affordable at between $45 and $60 for a one inch wide design, materials (some beads are more expensive than others and I love the silver lined ones!), and pattern. I'll be making some very pink ones and donating a portion of my income to breast cancer research, and I'll be making some gorgeous LGBT rainbow bracelets. These are for adult women who want something that makes a statement but softly.

I looked on Etsy at other seed bead cuff bracelets, especially the LGBT things that are available and I feel proud of my work in comparison (benchmarking is good, quality is GOOD) - if you check out what else is available, notice the materials, what's going to give out or break? Leather, unprotected borders, will the clasp be hard to do up or irritating to wear, was my bracelet made in a sweatshop overseas? Is glue used? Glue fails where sewing with FireLine doesn't.

Fairy Dust is exactly 7 inches long. If you measure your wrist with a piece of string you'd want about a 1/4 of an inch of space, so for this bracelet to fit properly you would want a measurement of 6 - 6 and 3/4 inches.

It's made with 4lb FireLine, which does not biodegrade like "thread" or "string." Each ring of the clasp had six entries and exits so that's a lot of poundage for endurance in the clasp.

I'm taking this one to my workshop in March unless someone really wants it before then, in which case I'll be making several more anyway. They take about two days between other tasks. It's all I ever want to do - be at my drafting/beading table in a beautiful sunbeam or watching the rain or snow, with a movie or some great music in the background, b e a d i n g.

So pretty, so satisfying, so soft, so elegant.

Check out the competition and then come back to me. I love to work on commissions - making a design especially for you or one of your Lovies. Am happy to order the colors you want, make the size and width you want. Give you something you'll be proud to wear. Truly, when you put this on, it just feels sooooooo good!

Thanks for visiting! As I get more done they'll find their way to Dreamkeeper Creations, and if you'd like to contact me you can reach me at


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