Friday, February 3, 2017

LGBT Shining On! Story behind my bracelet design.

Spirits Rising LGBT Design by Yours Truly xo
Like champagne bubbles rising, my little seed bead rainbow spirits float against a backdrop of inky blackness - the "void" or "nothingness" from which every single thing arises - it is the playground of our Creative Source, where dreams reside, and thoughts waft along, looking for reality in matter.

I've been wearing this bracelet for a little while since I finished it, and it's always a good sign if I want to wear something I've made. I wish I could capture the way it sparkles in the dim light of evening. I can't help but admire it, and I feel honored that spirit worked through me to create it. As an artist, I consider myself a "tool," or "vehicle."

I might keep this one, which means I need to make another one - and I will also sell the pattern so other beaders can make it for whomever might want one. 

How it started....
The design of this bracelet is based on my very favorite people of our beautiful Earth, the Pomo Indians. I researched their culture when I did a bunch of illustrations for their ancient stories, which include their "prehistorical" migration from Lemuria to California and Hawaii. Note the Hawaiian image on the quarter I chose to show the size of the bracelet in the first photo xo.

I've worked with their designs before in my watercolor borders and found myself completely stumped because they can't be fit into 1/4 inch graph paper. It can't be done. I found myself wondering while I was doing this bracelet - How did they create designs without a chart? How did they figure out which colors went where without a pattern to work from? They must have had genius brains - really. 

Did they work in sunlight? Outside with those tiny beads? Did they work by firelight? Did they work by feel? Sometimes I do. How did they handle interruptions? What did they spread their beads out upon? I have special Chinese porcelain dishes in which I put each color and I've labeled them with a sharpie marker for pattern work, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. How did they do it? I'd love to know. Is there an Elder anywhere who can tell me?

Beads on the loom....
This is how it looks to me while I'm sewing. I'm getting good at it and I think of all the beaders and quilters and anyone who's worked with six feet of thread. The challenges and the teaching of your fingers on where to hold, where to pull, where to tighten, what to watch, what to pick, they are all so much appreciated and respected by me now. Working with long, long thread means you have to pull your right arm out about ten thousand times and ibuprophen is much appreciated. I keep telling myself my muscles will get used to this and I find that the only thing to alleviate the pain is to do it again and loosen it up with use - kind of like exercise.

This is my pattern. I created it with help from above, and follow it diligently. It is like a song to say the letters out loud, which is what I have to do to get it right. It's satisfying and there's much joy in watching the design appear in color before your eyes, under your hands.

One border done, yay!
This bracelet asked me to balance it with beautiful rainbow colors on one side and black on the other. I love the point where it comes off the loom and I get to work up the borders. Aren't they sweet? I call it "polish." It's one of the things that distinguishes my work from other cuff bracelet artists - finesse - a good finish.
Details, details!
I love how the sweet clasp turned out. Six rings to hold it and six rainbow colors to fill them. Adorables!

This bracelet has special meaning for me and I would hazard a guess, for many others. I made it because I am ANGRY at the politics of today and the rampant judgment of others. I have so many people in my life whom I love with all my heart who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transvestite - I LOVE them!! 

So with this bracelet I am declaring this and it is my announcement that we do not have the right to judge other people. Earth is a planet of free will and if we are living without harm to others what judgment is there for the love we express? 

AND I will just say that all those who do judge will find themselves in their next lives, yes reincarnation is real, becoming that which they judge so they can learn. HA! Enjoy it folks, hope things are a lot more peaceful when you get to experience it.

Not preaching, just sayin'. It's a fact folks, and not "alternative." Two-thirds of the world knows what we've been hoodwinked to disbelieve. 

Spirits Rising, oh yes.
So here it is. My statement. Elegant. Sparkly. Quality materials. Meaningful design. Some of the very best work I do.

I'm thinking I'll keep it. And make another for you, and make the pattern available at Dreamkeeper Creations, I'm getting good at patterns, yay.

Namaste all,


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