Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dancing with the Future - The Birth of My Etsy Shop

I've fallen in love with beading - am smitten by the color and sparkle of all kinds of beads, the endless variety, the tactile delight of so many different textures - a girl can have too many beads, and it's definitely time for me to share my treasures!

For the past couple of years I've spent countless evenings, weekends, and wee hour mornings in my favorite room at home, pups happily snoozing nearby, and sometimes husband too - while I lose myself in the delightful task of immersion in art.

I love to sort through the beads I've collected, discovering which ones go together best, watching as they come together to create a wearable object filled with a special magic and energy all its own! The necklace above is the one that represents the birth of my little business - the dancing spiral of life twirling it all into creation. The charm is the Eternity Goddess, embodying the spiral of creation as she dances and sways, spreading joy. It's a happy necklace, and I love to wear it, especially when I'm making new ones.

Recently I made a ladybug necklace for my Mom, who adores them. She hasn't seen it yet, hope she likes it - we'll find out soon! [Update - she loved it, yay!]

And for my sister, who loves elephants, I made a happy little guy.

She and Mom also love purple, so I made some different pendants for them to choose from. 

Purple is such an elegant color, full of mystery and rich as grapes at harvest time - I love to work with it. Look for more in my Etsy shop, Dreamkeeper Creations.

I've been working like mad to get it set up, and it's kind of like getting a brand new job - there's so much to learn! Here's a preview of what you'll find there, with much more to come!

Steel Blue Glass Tear Drop Earrings

Earth and Sky Eternity Goddess Necklace
Azure Tear Drop Earrings
Meadow Dancing Lunar Goddess Necklace

There's lots more to come, so check back often!


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