Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've been treasure hunting for you!

Today was a blast. I spent quite some time out in cyberspace treasure hunting for high quality sterling silver charms to add to the bottom of the pendants I love to create. Wow, there's a lot to choose from out there! I look for beauty first - if the charm's a character (I have a Fairy Godmother and some beautiful angels coming, plus a whole bunch more), I look at the features of their faces to make sure the artist who created them took the time to develop beautiful faces.

There are so many categories to choose from, all the way from sports to religion to nature, with a host of options in-between. It's tough to try to figure out whether you'll relate to the ones I choose. So I figure if they make me laugh, they're in, and if they kick up some sweet nostaligic memories, they're in. Ugly is out. Poor craftsmanship is out. When you buy my jewelry, you're going to get the best I can find, and I'm a stickler for great craftsmanship, lucky you! Lucky me, cause I get to work with these little beauties.

My prayer for when they arrive is "please just let me leave some for the customers," because I tend to enjoy "betta testing" my jewelry to make sure it holds up well, and you never know what's going to match the outfit I've picked out to wear for the day. Really, a girl can have too many sparkly, mysterious, energy filled gorgeous glass bead lucky charm pendants, and that's how the business of Dreamkeeper Creations was born!

Today I also spent many hours getting photos of the earrings and pendants up so the site is at last up and running, yay. Have fun, enjoy!
Desert Jackrabbit Banded Onyx Pendant
Arizona Twilight Teardrop Earrings

You can see I'm into the fall colors right now. With the trees looking their most glorious outside, it's hard to resist those golds and oranges,  with a touch of green to remind us of spring....

I know what I'm doing tomorrow - more photos and items up on Etsy for you!


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