Friday, October 1, 2010

My Mission

My mission in opening Dreamkeeper Creations on Etsy is to share a bit of the pure joy I experience in making jewelry and other lovely items that celebrate life.

I believe that beauty is our right and our heritage, in all its forms; it heals us and helps to make us strong. I'll quote a lovely Native American poem which I first discovered in The World of the American Indian, published by the National Geographic Society in 1974, because it's close to my heart as I work with the beautiful colors and shapes and textures that so delight ~

In the house of long life,
there I wander.
In the house of happiness,
there I wander.
Beauty behind me,
with it I wander.
Beauty below me,
with it I wander.
Beauty above me,
with it I wander.
Beauty all around me,
with it I wander.
In my old age traveling,
with it I wander.
On the beautiful trail I am,
with it I wander.

And another worth mentioning ~

If the moment is not beautiful, recreate it.
        ~Author unknown

If we stand in the light, and open a door to a dark room, we see that the light shines forth, and the darkness is transformed. 


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