Monday, October 17, 2016

Black Cat Cabochon Long Necklace #2 is Done!

Ah, another black cat cabochon has called to me. He senses his forever home just beyond the horizon, so he's jumped up very high so he can see far and away. He likes to be out and about in the night, and stretches his back into an arch, readying himself to leap from his way up high place and gambol under the moonlight with you. According to ancient Scottish and Celtic tradition, he brings good luck and prosperity.

In the studio - becoming....
Late at night he helps me choose sparkly soft purple, inky black, and shiny bronze seed beads for the peyote stitch border around him. Inky black and transparent purple Swarovski crystals twinkle among the seed beads creating the fringe, tipped with dark purple and shiny black Czech dagger beads.

Yes, he likes it!
He's ready to set off on adventures with you, and likes to be taken to museums and gallery shows, parties, and places where he will be noticed and talked about. He also has a cuddly, domestic side, and is happy going shopping with you, or just hanging around the house. He really loves a nice, long walk in the woods, too.

He's not fussy about what you wear. He likes blue jeans and a t-shirt just as much as a long, slinky dress with heels. He's not too particular about color either, and will purr nicely against blues, purples, shades of black, gray, white, cream, and even a hot, bright orange. 

He's got moxy.
He loves to play.
And he loves being the center of attention, right in the middle of your chest, like a little protective shield.

* * *

Diameter of cabochon with bordering beads - 2 inches

Length of pendant with fringe - 5 and 5/8 inches

Necklace strap is 24 inches - slips right over your head and pendant hangs at mid-chest 

Comes in a black velveteen pouch for softkeeping.

Sewn with 10 lb FireLine, he's a great conversation piece and a joy that'll last for generations.

He'll be available at the Green Drake Gallery throughout October, 2016 and through the holiday season. After that, he may be found at Dreamkeeper Creations online.

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