Monday, October 3, 2016

Crow Cabochon Necklace is done

The beautiful Crow
Whenever I was camping with my children in our beloved California territories under the ancient spreading branches of the oak trees, the first sound we would hear as the sun rose was the call of the crows. Their voices echoed throughout the forest. One at a time they would announce the rising of the sun to each other and all the forest creatures, big and small. A new day has come! And the golden light would dapple through the tiny leaves of the trees, making them sparkle. And sometimes the mists would rise. And we would wake, start a fire, and make the best ever coffee you've ever dreamed of, and hot chocolate for the children. And scrambled eggs and sausage over an open fire, knowing that our day would be "off the clock" and we could follow the forest pathways to our hearts' content, delighting in the nourishment only beautiful Nature offers.

Crow cabochon necklace is becoming.....
So I wanted to celebrate my love of Crow, and I made this beautiful cabochon by attaching the image to the glass, then spent time choosing the colors that Crow might enjoy. They like sparkly things, so I chose some bright whites to complement the clouds in the image as well as what Crow might be drawn to pick up should she come upon it. Her celestial environment also included beautiful shades of purples and blues, so I chose some seed beads to complement these colors. And of course a bit of black for the inky iridescence of her feathers.

Fancy dancer
I sewed and sewed and sewed and Crow danced with me, helping me choose the patterns of her fringe strands, which include beautiful iridescent accent beads reminiscent of the sunrises and sunsets she sings to, and tips reminiscent of the colors sparkling from her feathers in just certain light. Purples, blacks, soft mauves, creamy opalescent whites. She is not shy.

Thick, glorious colorful, dancing fringe!
There she is.
Crow cabochon necklace, mmmm.
Length of Necklace Strap - 23 inches

Width of Crow Cab - 2 inches

Length of Crow Cab with Fringe - 5 and 3/4 inches

Hangs mid-chest. Comes in a velveteen pouch for softkeeping.

She's available in Dreamkeeper Creations on Etsy til she finds her forever home.


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